Kentucky Derby longshot winner

Long shot 80-1 odds wins the Derby! :horse: :moneybag:

Now this is what we call a good ROI - a $23 Investment to profit $14,847.70


It was a cool race, the top two horses neck and neck down the straightaway and then this guy ripping up the inside from the middle of the pack to take the lead…

Interesting video after the race too with the winning horse acting bezerk and biting the pony and rider escorting it back to the winners circle, it was frothing at the mouth and uncontrollable…

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That was incredible and how I wish now I had stayed on to watch it instead of being turned off by the pre-race coverage again.

I figure to ask my retired jockey friend about it now. Also as far as acting berserk to your point R&W, look at how the horse was caught behind another on the rail and had to make a beat around with the heavy whipping so it does not surprise me that he was an angry winner!


Nice Grover!!
I missed putting down my usual long shot bet for yesterday, My memory doesn't work too good right now and I forgot it was on until I saw it in the listings.

Good news is the trainer said he has run longer races every time out and run better the longer the race is.

Bet you were cheering like hell as he charged up the rail......

He had one hell of a kick!

For the pace they were on - one hell of a kick.

Well Grover I suppose you can mail it in all summer now.

I'm also impressed not only did you pick this longshot to win for your first bet but also to place in your second bet.

I didn’t assume that was Grover’s ticket but maybe it was? How about it Grover? If so that’s better than a hole in one and the next round is on you!

It was not my ticket!
I'm a TiCats fan, we,
hardly ever,
almost never
win the big ones!


Ah damn wish it was - "some lucky guy" and all that. I didn't think at first with your post but then your response to Squishy had me wondering.

I just wanted to start a thread on it,
Looked it up on the internet saw that guys ticket and thought it was cool
80 -1 longshots don't win the Derby often!


Sweet ride for the win. Going out fast was the favorites downfall.

Anyone taking Rich Strike in the Preakness?

or do we wait for the drug test?

It is the Canadian(Manitoba) in that horse that gives it that KICK! :canada:
“The mother of the Kentucky Derby winner was born and bred in Manitoba. She began her racing career at Assiniboia Downs,”

“She went on to Woodbine, where she turned into an elite filly. [She] won the Woodbine Oaks, the top three-year-old filly race in Canada, ran third in the Queen’s Plate,” he said.

Dunn said the horse ultimately became a brood mare.

“Who would have guessed that she would go on to be the mother of a Kentucky Derby winner?” he said “That is just an incredible story.”

As Kramer would say, "His mother was a mudder"


Thanks Grover. Hadn’t heard that.

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Cool story there Grover…

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Thanks for the race re-run Paolo. For much of it I thought I was watching the wrong video. They left the eventual winner off the leader board throughout the race. Only at the end did anyone bother to mention, 'Rich Strike'. :grin:

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