Kenton Keith

What was with Kenton Keith after the 80 yard touchdown?

He pushed himself so hard he felt sick after? Poor conditioning or one heck of an effort?

he has asthma needed to catch his many yards did he have before that play?awsome game keith now lets try going on a WINNING STREAK.go riders

maybe he needs to get into more fights at the local bars... seems to light a fire under him... :lol:

If that was the case, then Keith should have been doing a lot better a few weeks ago. I think Shivers speech probably has more to do with it, and the fact that the riders were playing a faltering Hamilton team that is ranked pretty low in defensive stats probably was another factor. Lets see Keith pull out that same performance against say Winnipeg or Montreal.

Seeing that we were winning 24-0 after that touchdown, Danny put in our backup, Bracey, to see what he could do. He only put Keith back in after we gave up 15 points so we could get our momentum back. He then took Keith back out when the game was back in hand. Can you guys ever be happy with the guy. He gave us 250 offensive yards, what else do you want him to do.

I was one fan who was asking for him tio be cut, after the crap last year and the crap this year, as well as he was not performing.

After avoiding the media, concentrating on practice and playing the game,he put on one h*ll of a perfomance on saturday, and a good showing last week as well. He has definitly gained some of my respect back.

Keep it up KK.

Who knows, maybe KK is finally healthy after his preseason injuries? KK definitely displayed his form from last year! Having him and Bracey (the second coming of George Reed) carrying the mail will help get our passing game on track!

KK has asthma. Kind of a suprise for a pro athlete.

I was questioning whether or not he should be a rider after the first few games. When he is cold, he tends to be knocked off balace easy. Thus if he gets touched falls down.

But when he is hot, not only is he hard to knock down, he can make anyone miss, and is excellent at finding holes.

I still wish we would use Szarka more on short yardage.


There will never be a second coming of George Reed... However, that isnt stopping Bracey from becoming the 1st Shemar Bracey...

I have a small comment i'd like to make about our running game......We started a 3rd stringer at QB.....Now the passing game takes a back seat to the running game....EVERYBODY includeing the Cats knew this, yet WE dominated the ground game, i think this was a more than an impressive display of ball control displayed by our entire "O". I think this will continue, thus helping our passing game.......except French, a fish net wouldn't even help him catch balls......GO RIDERS GO

Hamilton was prepared for a ground game...or should I say, expecting a ground game. The Cats were not prepared for anything and haven't been prepared for anything all season.
I love the Riders but I am first and foremost a Ti-Cat fan and as such I am forced to endure painfull embarrassed almost every week.
But aside from that I must comment on two things from our recent contest with the Riders:
(1) Kenton Keith should be nominated for Prime Minister, never mind the offensive star of the week. He put on a clinic that every running back should tape and review.
(2) If your 3rd string QB wants a full time job as a starter please have him forward his resume to Ron Lancaster because we sure as hell need one in the Hammer.

This guy is awesome. When healthy he's one of the best running backs in the league, or THE best.

Maybe, BUT the dude has an attitude problem..

On the field he is a leader and has a great work ethic and attitude. Off the feild he has his problems but those have little to any effect on him being a great back.

This is one example of how the new Tillman regime will be slightly more improved. Shivers was a good recruiter, yes, but could care less about relationships and lockeroom atmosphere. Tillman will be holding things to a new level, where there will be less punks messing up the lockeroom. Keith is a good player, absolutley, but he has disrupted the lockeroom a few times. There are others who have done the same. Things will be changing.

Agreed, Kman. Tillman also has had a career in the media, and knows full well how important it is to have a good team-media think he's gonna stand for whack-jobs ruining the image of "his" team? Not likely.....

Where do all the idiots come from who think being a good athlete is all talent? Yes, is a solid RB. But He is a 1st Class Ass. Would you want your kids to look up to him? I wouldnt. Part of the job is being a good person, not just on the field. So I completely disagree with what you just said.