Kenton Keith

I think that something needs to be mentioned about Kenton Keith’s performance as of late. The guy is getting the job done behind an offensive line that obvious isn’t as good as it has been in previous years. He’s made something out of nothing quite a few times, and I think he is getting back to where he was a few years ago.

I think Keith has lost his touch

I don't know, Kieth played a pretty decent game last night. The loss to Edmonton was not his fault, but rather that Joseph was hurt and unable to move & scramble as well as he normally can.

Yeah, KK had a decent game last night, probably his best game all year. But1 or 2 games doesnt make up for the beginning or the season...

You mean the games where he only averaged 5 touches a game

and when he got the ball he would try to do tango with the defenders. yes, those games.

Maybe because he's been in trouble with the police, and he's more worried about that then football right now?


You would to if you had three big defenders behind the line right when you get the ball. He had no room to run the first three games

He always does it. The least he could is not run backwards… Dont tell me he doesnt run backwards a lot of the time. +2 yards is better than -2 yards… The least he could do is go forward…

Keith is one of the top backs in yards per carry, ahead of both Edwards and Roberts. Add in the fact that our oline has been playing poorly this year and I think he's played very well in the last 3 games-unfortunately others on the team don't want it as bad as him.

Everyone questions his determination, well if he just ran into the defenders and gave up then he would have not determination. Why don't we talk about Szarka who outweighs him by 50-60 pounds who two games in a row has not been able to convert on 2nd and 2. Keith is not a power runner he is a guy who will try and make you miss so he is doing his job and Szarka is not so talk about that.

Has Szarka ever fulfilled his potential ? Or was his potential just to be a weapon for short yard offense ? He scores allot of TD's for some one with so few yards over his career.

I dunno maybe im wrong. I just think he's capable of more than these short gains all the time.

Im going to get some serious heat for saying this, but Chris Szarka isnt as good as many ppl seem to think. People like him because they see him as the underdog, because of his skin colour. I dont look at skin when i see a player. I look at talent. I do not think he is that good at all to be honest with you. I do think that he is over rated...

[quote="jman_135"][quote="Micro84"]Has Szarka ever fulfilled his potential ? Or was his potential just to be a weapon for short yard offense ? He scores allot of TDIn My opinion it is very difficult to judge wether or not szarka is playing to his potential because he never touches the ball. Yah they throw him in for 2 plays a game which he may or may not convert the 2nd or 3rd and short, but it has to be difficult to be a RB and only see the ball twice and be expected to perform. I htink if he were gievn the opportunity to get more than 2 touches in a game he cld be a very potent addition to our offence. A few years back he averaged 17 yards a reception, why cldn't we use him like that again? Seems like the talent is there but it's being looke dover.

KK looks like a gamer when he plays the TiCats. Look for him to have another big game tonight.

of course everyone shines against the divisioin two team.