kenton keith

Hey guys, just wondering whats going on with Kenton, shouldn't he be coming off the nine game injured list. He might look good running back kicks since our return game is subpar at best.

I think he was put back on the 9 game injured list and is out for the season essentailly.

8) This KK topic has been gone over already, to the point of exhaustion !! :roll:
  He was put back on the 9 game IR before the last game, 9/11.

  It is doubtfull if he will play again this year  !!!!!!

Keith's pretty good, but since he's on the 9 game IR list....
Why in the hell are we only using Cobb?!?!?! He's good but he's no frickin Adrian Peterson (even Minnesota uses 2 RB's and they have the best RB in all of football!!!)

We need to split the work between Cobb and Caulley. Not only does it keep both of them fresh, but it gives the D another thing to worry about as they are two different backs. What Cobb can't do, Caulley can and vice-versa.

Somehow I missed that one. Too bad Keith is out for the season, but we have some pretty good backups. I totally agree that they need to bring Caulley back in to split the load, and also to have a two back set. It is good to see us successfully move the ball with our passing game, but we need to be able to find a few more ways to run the ball, especially in the red zone, and also now that we are coming into the fall season. I believe one issue right now is determining which import would sit if they dress Caulley.

There are a number of reasons why TO won the last game, but one was they finally woke up and ran the ball, particularly late in the game. Why you wouldn't run a power back as often as you could when playing on four days rest is beyond me. Our defense was out of gas late in the fourth and in OT. This game could have been dominated by a team with any type of solid running game.


Cobb is not getting enough carries.....why use 2 import RBs?


  1. Caulley has more experience
  2. Cobb get's tired in the 4th quarter and makes huge mistakes
  3. Teams are getting used to and preparing for Cobb's style
  4. It doesn't affect the ratio anyways

Other than Keith, I must have missed something but can someone tell me the status of Caulley and Tre Smith?

Caulley is fine, Smith has been at practice but i'm not sure about his condition.