Kenton Keith

What does the TigerTown Faithful think about the impending return of Kenton Keith this season?

It might be an overlooked aspect of our team going forward but the reality is, Keith is an incredible talent and it'll be interesting to see how the coaching staff uses both him and Cobb

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I sure hope he can get back to that! KK COBB and Terry! oh man :smiley:. I could see COb returning kicks of KK comes back and is as good as he was for Sak as well as Cobb running the ball. Infarct I do believe our O.C had 2 RB's he used in his time in Sak!

Keith will never be the same...they rarely are. He has not played in a long time and last IMHO year he was terrible IMHO

This is definitly a problem,but what a nice problem to have!

I'm glad I don't have to make this decision.

Keith has proven that he's a great player. He just hasn't done it with the 'Cats... YET.

Cobb has proven that he's a great player with the 'cats this year. I don't see how it would be right to punish him by taking away his starting job. "Sorry kid... you've been awesome for us, you have the fans excited and you seem like a good person... but we're going to sit you for a guy that was great 3-4 years ago"

I say keep Cobb and Keith... but if that can't be done... trade Keith. Keith is going to be very good again, mark my words, I just see Cobb as the future right now. But man would I love both to stay!!! Keith was amazing just a few short years ago.

If Keith lost some of those NFL pounds like he said he'd need to do to be a premier CFL back again, and his knee is healthy, and his attitude is no. 1 then by all means keep him if we can. But if he is problematic in any of those areas and Cobb continues to be a force and Caulley is fully recovered from his injuries, well, I say they might want to consider unloading KK.

Must I point out the obvious again? KK was carrying another 20-25lbs of NFL weight, had not been playing CFL football, was used to the NFL-style of RB, and had not even seen our playbook when we signed him.

He saw limited action with a bad O-line, bad play-calling, and a team with a bad history of sucking. IIRC, he showed some great toughness in the limited time he had to play. Don't forget that he missed a game or 2 because of a bone-deep gash in his forearm he suffered in a late-season game.

KK has taken off the weight, has been involved with the playbook since training camp, and (from all accounts) has recovered from his knee surgery.

IMHO we will have a great one-two-three combo with KK, DC, and TC at RB this year...

I can say while I really like Cobb, stating the obvious, there is no question in my mind that KK when I saw him with the Riders was a quicker back to dart through the holes than Cobb. Now yes, Cobb has an uncanny ability for more lateral movement than Keith I think and this is only possible because he allows himself to look at the hole slower than Keith and then go upfield. All I'm saying is I don't think I've ever seen a quicker back in the CFL hit the hole like a dart like I saw with Keith.

This is what may Happen IMO

Keith Will Return... (no one trade for him cause of his Deal)
Cobb will be a the Backup(Ticats like this kid too Much He'll Stay
Smith on Practice Roster (I don't see anyone trading for Smith
Terry Traded Out West for a Late Round Pick(most Likely Trade).

It'll be good for Cobb because they'll now be able to use him on kick returns and as a second down receiving back.

We won't trade any of them. 3 of our backs got hurt. That's how Cobb got his shot. You need depth, and we have it. Why mess with that?

Why mess? Of course that makes perfect sense although there always is the issue of monies and with the SMS, you can't have everything you want at every position all the time, so at some point decisions have to be made and this is where someone with a high salary that isn't adding a lot to the team in whatever capacity could be a casuality to add to the team someplace else.

We'll keep them all for this year, but don't be surprised to see two go in the off season or in training camp next year. We have a chance to go far this year and injuries to running backs are far too common to take a chance on letting any of these guys go this season.
Cobb and Keith share duties with Cobb getting the majority of the work. Keith has to earn that spot from Cobb and I don't think he will be able to. Cobb is the exact type of character the Cats are looking for. Hungry, humble and trying to prove himself. He also comes cheap, at least for now.... hard to argue with that.
i think they will bring Keith back slowly to let him ease back into the game and to see what Cobb can do in the next few games....

Methinks KK and Cobb will be used 35/65 while the former finds his game legs ... to be used 50/50 come Playoffs ... Caully backs up, while Smith becomes expendable ... Williams to the PR, maybe.

One thing is CERTAIN though - Cobb will NOT, under ANY circumstances, be returning kicks of ANY description.


We all know the obvious, yes he had NFL weight still on him. He had literally no Training camp because of injury. He played very little last year. He has a knee injury that he is rehabing. When he comes back he will be far from game shape and not in tune with the offence. Cobb has a huge advantage and has already beat out Caulley for the starter spot even thoug Caulley is ready.

KK is a great talent but IMO its unrealistic to believe he will be the KK of 3 years ago.

Despite the wonderful things Mr. Cobb has done in his limited time as a backup, I believe that a healthy, prepared and ready to go Kenton Keith brings more options to the table that Cobb does. That is in no way a slight against Cobb, more an appreciation of what Keith brings to the table.

If Kenton returns I suspect you will see Cobb run back kicks and spell Keith in the backfield…the really tricky part is what happens when Caulley is ready to come back…he is the one that I’m not sure will find his way back on to the field as easily.

Football 101: Starting caliber RB's DON'T return kicks in Pro Football. Especially on teams with INJURY problems at that position.

Notwithstanding the fact Marquis Daniel is a SUPERB returner.


Wouldn't it be great to watch both in the backfield and Caulley rotate in. It's just a shame we have the Candian content thing to worry about. I would love to see the most exciting players on the field.

Yes, I've never seen a Canadian in my life in the CFL who can bring excitement to a game, excitement in a broad context that is - making a block to spring an American free, a Canadian receiver making a great catch etc. :wink:

Ok, the running backs, it's an American position for the most part in terms of the feature back, I'll grant you but it's teamwork that produces excitement as I say in the broad context.

I think the old standard still stands KK will have to earn the job and may the best win. "Better is better" :thup: From what Ive seen of both these guys I'm with Turbo.