Kenton Keith

Has anyone heard if he's going to play this year? I haven't heard one thing about this guy.

He’s set to return after Labour Day. He’s almost ready to go now but the coaches are being cautious with him.

Plenty of reading material re Keith involving discussions on this board:

Oski Wee Wee,

Kenton can't come back until after Labour Day,
no matter how fast his injured knee progresses

but FYI, TicatsRule he was in shorts and a tee-shirt today
on the sideline testing out his knee, hopping and kicking.

He wasn't evident on the sideline at all up to last week.

Nobody told me but I would say that
he was doing rehabilitation work indoors.

He told me last week he was healing ahead of schedule
and had the cast taken off his leg two weeks early but

the team won't let him to start practicing yet.