Kenton Keith

Where has Kenton Keith been. Is he injured. Sorry i am a Roughrider fan and a long time Kenton fan. Ti-cats are my team for the east. How far away is he from playing.

he was placed on the 9 game at the beginning of the season. so hopefully 6 games away from playing? not that we really need him.

He was at Practice Today
Just hanging out getting Treatment and Playing Catch on the Sidelines

Thanx guys, yeah hey that Cobbs of yours is doing great.

Realistickly I don't think there is room for KK on this roster so I think it's best we say our goodbyes and let the young man get on with his carreer, when he's healthy of course.

Way too early to be talking about getting rid of Keith. He hasn't even had a chance yet to show his stuff at his lighter CFL weight.

One good game by Cobb doesn't prove much at all and Caulley and Smith are still out. Who knows when they are coming back or when they will be 100%.

Talk about jumping the gun.

Agreed. Its definitely premature to think about dumping Keith. The team owes it to themselves and to us to see if this guy has anything left in the tank at his lighter weight.

Conversely, when a player is out for 9 games, I worry that he may never return to full health again.

Lets hope Kenton can come back and make his mark with the Ticats.

Maybe! we have to see what he does but we have alot of talen in the backfield, I say trade him for a Saftety? Or start Barker. I want a big hitting threat backthere or trade him for a DE depending on our D and if it keeps up like last week.

It's also worth noting that while Cobb is in his first year in the CFL, he's only younger than Keith by about 10 months, but has a lot less professional playing time under his belt (Keith turned 29 this month, Cobb turned 28 in May). I suppose you could flip that and argue that Cobb has fewer "miles" for his age, but Cobb has yet to show the same kind of lateral evasiveness that Keith has shown.

The youngest of our import RBs is actually Caulley, who just turned 25 in June. Tre Smith turned 25 in April.

Yes way to early to be dumping him. Cobb had great game aginst BC. But Wpg prepared for him so Cobb got some more proving to do. It already out not to give him room or his speed will burn ya.