Kenton Keith

Great observation by our own Drew Edwards with regards to Kenton Keith.

"Kenton Keith looks to have lost 15 or 20 pounds of that "NFL weight" that some pundits said was slowing him down last season."

I say great because it is great news for the Ticats and also because when I saw Drew's basketball game photos, I thought the exact same thing. It really looks like Keith has shed that bulk that is needed for the NFL but isn't all that useful up here. (see example: Williams, Ricky)

Just thought I would share.

Looking forward to this season more and more.

  • paul

Hopefully Keith can find his wheels again and losing weight will certainly help him.

If both he and Caulley can be healthy we should have a strong running game.


That's great to hear, Keith was a monster as a small, agile, quick running back. I hope he regains his quick explosive running style we have seen him shred the CFL with before..

That is great news. Last season I wasn't that warm to the idea of Keith coming here and all though his stats overall weren't great, as I watched some of the highlight videos, he did show some flashes of his old self. His agility and acceleration were great at times and made sharp cuts, but I think he wasn't in CFL shape or familiar with this team and offence. I think he should do well this season. WIth his salary, I suspect he is the favourite to start. While Caulley is one of my favourite Ticats, at this point I just want whatever works to happen. I think with these two guys, we still have the strongest running attack, even without Jesse, and plus the O-line will be stronger this year. Expect at least one 1000 yard rusher on this team - maybe two?

Well said and I agree, we could possibly see two - 1000 yard rushers. If Keith stays healthy all year we could see a lot more than 1000 from him, behind our strong run blocking O-Line(easily one of, if not the best in the CFL) Keith could have his best season of his CFL career and that is saying a lot..

I am extremely excited to see Kenton run the ball this year, if he has trimmed down his weight to resemble his Saskatchewan days, LOOK OUT CFL!

At 5' 10" 189lbs I'm not sure Kenton can afford to lose 15 t0 20 lbs.

I really hope we see the SSK Kenton Keith this season. He and Caulley have the potential to really hurt defenses and I’d like to see Keith take full advantage of that and give us his best. I’m glad to see he’s on the cop’s n cats roster because that really helps build his relationship with the players on our roster and the fans of our city and makes him put heart into his game.

The Ti-Cats running game should give some defenses fits this season, and it won't be shouldered by one player anymore.

I believe he was listed at 210lbs. when he was with the Colts last year.

  • paul

HA HA!!! “shouldered” I get it!

If Kenton gets in shape and contributes that would be awesome but until then start Caulley, he is as good as Lumsden.

Well I believe Keith will be in shape come season opener, we still have months to go and a whole training camp for him to slim down... Caulley is no-doubt a great player and will be a great one-two punch with Keith this season.

If Kenton gets back to the way he played with the Riders, with the O-line we have, we will be a spoiled bunch of fans when it comes to rushing yards this season.