Kenton Keith

Kenton Keith looks ordinary. Lumsden, Caulley & Smith have all outplayed him. I really hope he isn't a guaranteed starter next year just because of the size of his contract.

You need an O LIne to compliment the running back. Unfortunately the O Line is unconsistent and have huge problems blocking for the run and the pass. Hard to run when the blocks are missed and the denfender is in your face.

One one priority for next year - serious upgrades on O & D Line...........

I watched Smith and Calley both run with the same OLine as KK and so far Smith and Calley are both better. Smith came into the game with the same OLine and immediately started to running the ball better. so far the schools still out on KK.

Kenton Keith is going to have to do a lot better than what he has shown thus far. Right now, I would guess that he won't likely make the team next season.

The guy hasn't played in 2 weeks, and you expect him to be an all-star right out of the gate? Give your heads a shake, maybe some common sense will eventually make it's way into your brains...

KK needs a full training camp to work on the plays. He needs to get into a rhythm with the QB's and O-linemen.


Rythem with the O LIne. Good luck with that group. If you happened to notice last night Calgary's O & D Line consistently blew our O & D LIne up on every play. As far a KK - as usaul some people have written him off after 2 games. GIve the guy a complete TC and we will have a better opporunity to evaluate his talent.

kk is too heavy at 205; he should get down to his previous cfl weight of 190. this is a common problem with returning nflers. (remember how jason lamar came back all stumpy and slow after making the texans?)
kk has lost, at his current weight, his burst, top-end speed, slash and ability to cut.
at moment he's our fourth best running back. and with his contract, that's not near good enough.
he should be invited to camp, and given a straight-up opportunity to make the team at No. 1. if he can't, he's trade bait.

but how can Caulley and Lumsden average 6-7 YPC on the same O-line and Keith can only average under 3 YPC

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