Kenton Keith

I think Kenton just broke his arm. Wow.

They are reporting a deep cut to Keith's arm. Keith gone to the locker room. The way thay were holding it I'd say it was broke.

Deep cut apparently...don't think it's broken.

Welcome back to the Constant Fractures League

thats what he gets for signing in Hamilton.
He didnt look very happy even before he got hurt.
No blocking help at all
Heal soon
I wanted to see u when u played in Regina

My thoughts exactly

Sounds to me Keith must have thought he was still playing for the Roughriders!! :lol:

Maybe if Hamilton lost last week, the Defense wouldn't of hit as hard this week! :twisted:

It looked nasty though. And they actually showed the hit in slow mo on the jumbo tron (which they rarely do at Percival) then they showed him walking into the locker room with a great deal of pain, so I figured it was bad.

Hope he gets better, cause he sure is exciting when he get's going.

His stats need to be fixed on this site. The game stats are ok, but at first glance it appears that he's had two 2000 yard rushing seasons.