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Q&A with fans with some CFL vs NFL content…

he sure doesn't say much does he?

Keinton Keith Baltimore Clots

What was it like playing against the tough Chicago Bears defence. Did it compare at all to the tough defense of the Riders

It really was no different.

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From Diller:

Kenton Did you find the NFL field smaller as far as getting to the outside for more room or is it basically a non factor? You mentioned speed being about the same (NFL vs CFL) but what about the size of the dudes hitting you. Bigger yes but how are they to block (one of your great improvements last year? Thanks and good luck in Indy

It's pretty much the same

Kenton good luck in the NFL but I want to see you back in Rider Green! Riders are doing great this year but would be better with you in Green! I watched you on TV in the Chicago vs Colts pre-season game and you seem to have put on more weight from your Rider days. Was that a reguirement of the Colts and if so how has that affected your game (e.g. speed, cuts, etc.)?

No, I did it myself. It's just 9 pounds

What are the main differences between the nfl and cfl game? Are the players there THAT much better?

[b]Not alot of difference

Hi whats the biggest difference between cfl and nfl do you find?[/b]


In a way he said a lot....