Kenton Keith

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I am glad he made the team. Here is an article about him on the Colts' Website. I hope he does well.

Also for updates on his progress or whatever check out

Kenton Keith, 1st carry is 8 yards.
Addai injured on 1st play.

Madden is a moron!

About Keith, Madden said, "He played a little pro football" with regards to his time in the CFL.

NFL totally tries to down play the CFL. They don't want to let the USA know that the CFL has great players.

I don't know how a league can just pretend Keith came from an imaginery league. In Keith's NFL profile it says:

Experience: 1st Season.

Would America come crumbling down if they wrote:

Experience: 5 years CFL


God bless America and their, "There is no world outside of our country" attitude.

I lost some respect for Madden for sure last night. But at least he knew how to pronounce Saskatchewan, at least I think he did, correct me Rider fans if I'm wrong on this, I'm from Hamilton and being close to Toronto, I might have picked up a wee bit of an American accent and therefore incorrectly interpreted how Madden pronounced your province. :wink:

The other thing I would find funny, when they said "our game" a couple of times, I wonder if the "NFL only counts" fans in Canada include themselves in the "our" because believe me, they weren't talking about any Canadians, even Paul Godfrey and his "NFL only counts" buds.


Are you kidding me? That's your gripe? Think about it... how many seasons has he been in the NFL? ONE! Not like the CFL is much better. They wrap up an athletes NFL experience in a couple paragraphs... Who cares.

I do. You don't.

AND . . . A couple of paragraphs? Where are you seeing a couple of paragraphs? I was talking about the NFL webpage for player stats. It would be nice if the NFL actually gave the experience of a player instead of just telling the public that the only experience that matters is NFL experience. Not just for Keith but for the whole League.

It may be a picky gripe but the NFL is one of the most detailed leagues in the world when it comes to ridiculous attention to detail for stats.

You think football experience would carry over in that. Well I guess I should rephrase that: I think experience would carry over in that. YOU would be offended that I even brought it up.

I remember the same sort of NFL reaction to Gill Fennerty when he went to the Saints. It was as if the guy had spent four years on Mars after college, instead of playing in the CFL.

It was a little irritating to hear Madden downplay the CFL. I am American and think the CFL is a much more exciting game with equally talented players (there are a lot of NFLers that come North and wash out)…and no offense to Madden fans, but he seems a little senile these days…GO KEITH!

I think you guys read way to much into things cause you get defensive easy. All Madden meant is he's new the the league. Not like he acted as if the were sending in a clown

…I think Madden is a sweet, senile old man that is interesting to watch…

One carry last game? He needs more. I am sure he will get more but still. One carry?

It all depends on when Addai needs to be spelled off really. If he's tired in goes Keith for a few plays.

I know but last season they were all about multiple carriers throughout their games.

Yeah but Addai was a rookie. Addai is too good not to run the ball. KK will get his, just gotta be patient.

I accept that.

Hey Dungy just don't cut him!

Man, he has been decent so far, and considering there isnt really any umm established free agent rb, I think he will stick around for awhile.

Addai was a rookie last year and they were a bit unsettled @ the position

Keith fumbled in the last game but it was recovered by Colts again. After that he did not get another run.

I also noticed on a in the redzone when Manning got sacked, Keith began to block a guy that was already being blocked then the guy got away from both of the blockers and forced Manning up into the pocket, that in turn collapsed while Keith stood there watching. Field goal was good.

Just saying, not trying to be a disturber. I enjoy watching guys I have seen in Canada play in NFL.