Kenton Keith???

Anyone know the status of Keith for this weekend against Hamilton? time decision what i heard, but leaning to unlikely

On Barrett said he is questionable but will definitely be ready next week.

If I was Barrett I'd let him rest one more week, especially with al the other injuries, and take your chances with Holmes. He's been not too shabby the past couple of games.

I really hope Keith gets better fast. Holmes is good but he can't bust through the secondary like Keith. I bet that if KK was playing in Hamilton and Toronto, both those games wouldn't have been close. People forget that Keith is a game breaker, unlike Holmes.

There is no point in rushing Keith back into the lineup when we have Holmes producing like he is. I think it is supposed to be a game time decision, but i dont see Barrett dressing him. He should be in for next week against Calgary.


keep keith out. no way we should risk him being out the season. we already lost matt

I think he's a game and season (and Winnipeg's heart) breaker. Think of the return against Winnipeg. It's been all downhill since then for the "mighty" Blue Bombers.

Heh. I'm gonna love that return forever. The start of Winnipeg's 0-18 year.


Football aside, Corey Holmes is about the greatest human being in this whole league. I'm really happy for him when I see he gets to play. It's too bad he's in the same team as Keith, because quite anywhere else, he would be a sure starter.

I don't want to take anything away from Keith. I am a huge fan of his, but don't you think a lot of you are taking too much away from Corey Holmes? I mean at the start of the season there was all the debate about if Keith could run 2000 yards. Now, with Keith hurt, Holmes is well on his way to breaking 2000 yards rushing.... and like 2 or 3000 all purpose. Everyone is complaining that Keith should have been where Holmes was cuz once at the backfield he could break out for the TD. Did no one watch the Winnipeg game before he got hurt? He rarely got past the line. Holmes ran better all night. I agree that Keith is more a break out play kinda guy, but for every 65 yard TD he runs, he runs 10-15 plays under 3 yards. Holmes is more consistent. I still prefer Keith too, but don't disrespect the impact Holmes is having this year.

Go Riders!!

the riders to send keith off to edm or tor where they need an rb and get something useful. he is overrated and the riders have a much more useful player in holmes. disagreee then send holmes our way. not that we need an rb but i really like that guy.

Or we can keep them both of them and have the most threatening running game in the league. It is right now our bread and butter and it would be suicide to get rid of it. No, I think we like it too much this way.

Go Riders!!

The way I see it, most teams have a deadly one-two punch at QB. We have a deadly one-two punch at RB. The difference is, both our guys can be on the field at once :slight_smile:

Go Riders!!

See, I prefer it when Holmes plays, and this is why. It seems to me that about 80% of the time Keith touches the ball, he runs it up the middle. Other teams have figured this out, and he's not quite as effective as he could be because of this. Holmes, on the other hand, doesn't seem to go up the middle as much. That being said, I still want both on my team.

Yeah, I am not sure what is up with that lately. When he started and was so threatening, he seemed to go around the outside a lot more because he could outrun the defenders, but lately he goes through the middle and I have yet to figure out why. Maybe the theory is that once he gets through there is less resistance.... but I don't really know. Either way, I can't say that I really prefer one over the other. Last year I would say Keith all the way, but Holmes has proven to be a very consistant, versatile runner. I still think that when he breaks one, Keith is more entertaining to watch run. Sometimes he just needs glue on his hands to hang onto the ball. I think the game on Sunday should be spectacular regardless of who is running and I predict Riders by 11 at home.

Go Riders!!