Kenton Keith

I don’t know about you guys but I am nothing but impressed with this guy since he started turning it up in about week 4 or 5. He looked focused the whole game the only time he was showing any emotion was at the end of the game when it was put away he was smiling, as well as being upset when he made mistakes.

This guy has pulled himself togeather off the feild as well as on it, and I now have respect for this guy where a year ago you ask me the same question and respect is deffinitly not something that comes to mind.

It looked good to see him like that. I think he deffinitly earned his roster spot with the riders with how he has been conducting himself.


Yes he was quite composed and very well focused tonite.. I think lots of Rider fans would agree with you... I do, but then again I've liked him for a while, and now he's almost proven that he can be a well mannored individual off the field i like him all the more on the field.

I am very happy for Kenton because of the fact that he seems to have cleaned up his act a bit. Never have really doubted his football skill, but his off fields antics have always made me question his value.

I for one was calling for his head on a platter...good to see hes had a change of heart and decided to become a very focused team player, the block to spring Armstead for 12 yards during the crucial last minute drive for example.

That look in KK's eyes was exactly what you need to see in a good, well prepared football team. Anytime i see the guys smiling and throwing it around like the tonight show really makes me nervous.

Good job guys!

Sure glad we didn't give him away at the beginning of the year when many in Saskatchewan questioned his commitment and attitude towards football. It seems like he's more focused now on scoring touchdowns than punching bouncers. If he keeps his play at the pace he's going, this may just be the year we win it all!

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :thup:

Wonder if that dropped ball for a sure td in the first quarter got kk's head in the game?
Glad to see that he's carrying the mail when the passing game is sputtering!