Kenton Keith signs with the ti-cats

Press conference should be on CHML shortly.

I thought I heard someone say Hamilton was gonna sign Keith, and trade him to Saskatchewan for Cates at the end of the season...Was that just a case of a 'know it all' trying to get a story going? Or is there anyone else that heard this?

Cates out maybe two weeks, Riders don't need try smith no thank you! or Lumsden, maybe Riders will send Jyles and some recievers and get KK back, no thanks don't want him either

Chief, there was a rumour that he was house hunting the week the Ti-Cats were in Edmonton.

Theres hope! :wink:

all these rumors, i love em, Dont get me wrong i love Cates, and when we traded for him i knew he would be an impact player. BUT, i think Keith is a better all around football player, plus hes my favorite so uh ya, i would trade those two, there clearly no room for both. Now as for trading for Tre Smith right now, never heard of this idea before but i love it. Clearly he'd be #2, but he'd be an effective #2 and temporary #1.

this puts pressure on jesse as for a guy who get hurts alot fa isnt going to help kenton keith is a good pick up.ti-cats now could careless if jessee stays because he been replaced by a healthy guy jessee wont be a ticat next season.

Hopefully, Eric Tillman will tap into his farm team (the Argos) and take Jamal Robertson back. :slight_smile: