Kenton Keith signs with the ti-cats

As per TSN

woohoo! now he can make havoc in the east!

just don't get arrested in a bar and start yelling" YOU KNOW WHO I AM?? YOU KNOW WHO I AM??"

Congrats to Bob Young, Mitchell and Obilovich.

Should be an interesting night in Riderville, They will probably throw Cyber Beer cans at each other till 3 in the morning.

So how many “starting” RBs do the Cats have now?

Well they have one injured one Lumsden

They have Caulley

They have Tre Smith who is a returner and can run the ball in a pinch but has a hard time hanging on to it.

So really they have 3 one of which is injured and is a free agent at season's end, He also does not have six years in the league so if Hamilton wanted they could cut him loose.

They need trade baits in the worst possible way anyway.

I didn't know Lumsden was a free agent at the end of the season. I guess it's not such a silly signing.

Can you say goodbye Lumsden

I predict Lumsden to the Esks before the deadline for Fiacconi or Baker.

They've tried to sign Lumsden for almost a year now and he's said he wants to wait...Ticats business office can't take the hit of losing Lumsden to FA.

He was apparently seen visiting homes in Edmonton with a real estate agent. Maybe Edmonton should throw a bone at Hamilton now...cause from what I saw this weekend with Mclendon, the G&'G could use him.

Well it won't be Maas !! LOL!

Lumsden goes to TO you heard it here first


Maybe Edmonton should throw a bone at Hamilton now...

cause from what I saw this weekend
with Mclendon, the G&'G could use him.


More grist for the rumour mill.

Jesse’s father is employed
by the Edmonton Eskimos.

Get your teeth working on
that piece of blubber, HfxTC.

Ron I guess you have a hard time with the word APPARENTLY.

i think I would like to see a trade for tre to the riders,we need help on return game,and would make a good 3rd backup.And with cates hurt and childs playing slot sh!t with cates now hurt,he would help.And i think
Lumsden so maybe go to area football.Maybe would not get hurt as much.

Childs went on the 9 game with a protuding disc, we only have Szarka, Foord, and Hughes.

Payton is sitting home, he's the same style as Cates just not as good a receiver.

Then we really could use smith or mcaully here in sask

dont take Tre Smith if your gunna put him as starter, he will only ever be a guy that gets 5 carries a game and makes good use of them...hes a good back up but he can't be a starter

Thats what we need right now plus he seems to be a decent returner.Either way we need a good back up for cates now.Wait maybe the riders should pick up lumsden because we need more on the injured list. :twisted:

how long is Cates out for?