Kenton Keith signs with NFL team

It appears that Kenton Keith won't be running the ball for the Saskatchewan Roughriders next season.

According to a report on AM 980 Radio in Vancouver, the running back has agreed to a three-year deal with the NFL's Indianapolis Colts.

Keith played in all 17 games last season, carrying the ball 167 times for 1,037 yards. He scored two touchdowns but fumbled eight times. He also caught 52 passes for 513 yards and three touchdowns.

Keith had spent his entire four-year CFL career in Saskatchewan.

isn't there 18 games in a season???

Maybe the writer is getting a case of Newfyeism, you know where 18 is 17 type of thing, who knows. :lol:

.....17 games...hmmmmm....typical uninformed info. orrrrrr a typing has to be the latter...right...right.... :lol: :roll: :roll: :roll: good luck to Kenton...i read somewhere he'd be leaving soon after Danny B....i guess they were correct... :expressionless:

It kinda uck... I know I have been critical of the man in the past. But after he got, well, charged early in the season he seemed to completely turn around.

HUGE loss for us. damnit. Wish him the best though. He did really turn himself around this season.

...signing with the team does not in and of itself mean sure spot on the roster, he might be back faster than you think.....then again as a divisional rival fan I hope he makes the colts.....

why would the colts sign a guy with 2 TD's and 8 fumbles?

Man, if it weren't for Kenton Keith, there's a good chance it would've been the Stamps playing the Lions in the West Final ...

I hate to see players bolt to the NFL.

As a divisional rival of the Esks, I'm glad the Riders lost Keith.

He had the highest yards per carry of any running back in the league.

I bet the idea of not having traded Corey is looking pretty good right now

Red is right. Him signing does not mean he will be lost forever. It does most likely mean that he is gone for at least the start of the season.

On a side note it looks like he might be getting prosecuted for this assault charge, and if convicted (a high probability) he would have a hard time getting back here anyways

Aww, I really wanted this guy to stay. . .
And to the Colts! I HATE the Colts!

And now that the Eskimo's seem to have a monopoly on all of the free agent running backs, it looks like we are gonna be going with Bracey. . . although I hope they cut Warren so we can have him.

I can't see him sticking very long.

the only reason the colts would sign him is for special teams, they already got addai who is a franchise back, rhodes is there , but i believe he might be a free agent, so if the colts want a backup they might use a big blocking type back similar to lorenzo neal.

Yeah but he also had the best o-line thats and overated stat like charile wasnt at the top but he didnt have a great o-line and he was consitently doing good no matter who was in front of him...the only true great backs in this leauge are reynolds and roberts..i know ppl will argue it but its only the truth

But it’s easy to argue that with some one who can’t spell or complete a complete sentence. :roll: :roll: :roll: You know, your credibillity takes a big hit, when you post crap that nobody can understand!


I would include Keith with Roberts and Reynolds in NO particular order.

hmmmmmmmm last i checked this wasnt english was it???? (edited 'cause I'm a complete doofus and have my map out to figure which is the fastest road to Bansville)

First of all. kool-kat unneccesasary. obviously you can't handle backing up your opinions.

Kieth played only 15 games in the reg season and had over 1000 yds rushing plus over 500 yds recieving. Any individual who is worth ovber 1600 yds all purpoe on just offense, is really good.
add to that fact he had the best yards per carry in the league, and you have a solid solid back.
I personally am a Rider fan, but I know when good backs come to town and I am scared of them. It was the opposite for me this time, I had someone on my team who I know was one missed tackle from 6 points. The guy is amazing in space. if you try to deny that you are absolutely crazy

I was surprised when I heard he was scooped up but looking at those numbers soupy I guess I shouldn't be. Maybe I assumed that if he was to make it in the NFL he would have already, so here's to never giving up on your (thug-model) dream!