Kenton Keith Signs With Colts.

Big loss; he could be a dominant runner when he put his mind to it. Oh well, Austin never was a big fan of a running game anyway.........

He'll be back out west after he gets cut from camp. Can't see him playing ahead of Addai or Rhodes.

2 TDs and 8 fumbles...nothing to write home about

I have to admit I am surprised there.. the colts have two excellent backs in Addai and Rhodes.. not sure where Keith's place would be. I do wish him all the best there, however.

Rhodes is FA next year

Rhodes is FA next year
I understand that he is a free agent, but who would you rather have on your team, Rhodes who has a 1,000 yd season under his belt when Edgerin James was hurt, or Keith who had 2 TDs and 8 fumbles this season

Rhodes is the better back, bigger, stronger, faster

They may well see Keith as a return specialist...the odds are long but heck they always are.