Kenton Keith Signed!

I mean . . .

Is Kenton Keith Signed ?

Has any team got him yet?

It’s been so long since his return has been mentioned, I have forgot all about him . . . twice!

thought he was getting close in signing with Hamilton, but now ET maybe talking to him but I guess will wait for a TSN update monday.


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  • paul

Judging by how brutal Edmonton's running game is and they had to pull Mclendon out of the sales office. Obilovich should trade him now and get something for him.Unless Lumsden want to put pen to paper...

According to TSN, it looks he will be signed today!

hmm well good for Hamilton! I hope they can handle him.

he'll definitely improve the team but at what cost?


I don't get it why sign Kenton as Caulley is the same style RB.
Plus if the often injured Jesse resigns and can play then this move is curious.
However, since Jesse is a question mark, they can justify this. I suppose to show the fans how the organization is doing their best.
Still though, curious.

Trade Lumsden!

i love lumsden as far as a rider fan can, but i don't think anyone would want a player that is so fragile.

I think it's more likely that Keith's signing, at least in the short term, will cost Tre Smith a job. He's been dropped to third-string RB lately, playing mostly on special teams; and an import can't take the spot of a non-import (Lumsden) without making other changes elsewhere.

Come free-agent season, we'll see who goes where, but having Keith means the Cats will be able to offer Lumsden a significantly smaller contract than they would have otherwise. That increases the chances that he'll end up going somewhere else, where he'll likely play injury-free for many years and kick our butts every time we play against him. As a Lumsden fan, I'm not happy about it, but that's the business of football, I guess.

If it was my team. I'd develope Tre Smith as a slotback. I'd have him practice at slotback for the rest of the year. He dosen't have the upper body strenght to be a RB in the pros. I think he could be similar to Dressler.

Running the football is not the problem in Hamilton, so the signing of Keith makes little sense. The Ti-Cats receiving corp is horrible! They dropped at least 6 catchable passes on Friday night. They've got to step up. :cowboy:

it's because Lumsden has to go!

I hate to say it but I agree. But they still need better receivers... :cowboy:

Kind of a puzzling move considering the Ticats seem to have an abundance of running backs and gaping holes in nearly every other postion on both sides of the ball.

Kind of like grasping at straws, though he might make interesting trade bait.

Gives Hamilton that threat to take it to the house on any play. He's had his share of injuries as well but he's probably the most explosive back the league has seen in a long time.