Kenton Keith Represents

Hey any thoughts or knowledge on Kenton Keith and Indy Colts. Hows he doing ? Will he be good? Do they expect him in a big role or small role? Do any fans in Indy know of the SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS? I hope he does well.

If he stays there, itll be a small role... 3rd on the depth chart @ best.

As long as Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes are in Indy don't count on KK getting many (if any) carries. He will be used primarily as a back-up and will spend most of his time on the practice roster. Either way, I wish him the best of luck.

I really hope he comes back here, we really need him since the Riders are to stupid to sign Morgan and Bush and they go ahead and sign miko-tiko-suckleblue or whatever his name is.

Riders are to stupid to sign Morgan and Bush
yeah i heard tillman just up and forgot they were entering free agency :roll: .

I think he stupid not to sign them...

But anyways, D Rhodes is out of INDY i think. He had a ridiculous super bowl and realistically should have won MVP. So he has a big payday coming via free agency...

How about this scenario--KK scores winning td in colts repeat, gets Superbowl ring,cut next year comes to Sask and wins Grey Cup Ring,,,,

kk got the best set of ankles in the world of football he'll make those big dopy basters look silly out there with his elictrifying cuts and bursts of speed through the holes and into the open field all the way to pay dirt and yes thay will een impess those pompiss down south

Rhodes is about to be a Free Agent
He just had DUI Charge file on him

so he has a shot to make it ..
A lot Depends on FA and The Draft

Well fortunately for us rider fans, I don't think that kenton Keith will play down there. He has tried a few times, and it never worked out. I don't think he has improved a huge amount since the first couple times he went down there, so what would be different this time.

My bet is on KK being cut (maybe a practice roster player), but more than likely coming back to the riders, maybe halfway thru the season again

imagine if the nfl had a field like cfl kk would make the fat ass db look like there still playing highschool football

That's kind of a funny comment... being that most db's in the nfl are a hell of a lot faster than KK and just as quick if not quicker...

KK will only be a star in the cfl, whether the nfl had a larger field or not

you can't say that kenton keith runs a 40 yard dash in 4.30 i bet the db in the nfl can't do that

Actually 90% of the DB's in the NFL run between a 4.3 and 4.5. Most linebackers, according to NFL draft rankings run about a 4.4 - 4.6 (many running even faster). So even the linebackers are as fast as Keith.

And I doubt KK runs a 4.3... but who knows...

.2 is a huge difference... Just so you know...

I picture him being a star but thats just a hashpipe dream