Kenton Keith or Wes Cates???

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Running back Kenton Keith - the Riders' most dangerous offensive weapon last year - is still trying out for the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL.

He is trying to become the back-up tailback. If he doesn't make it, the Riders said this week that they would gladly take him back, even though Wes Cates is proving to be a very solid running back in Regina.

i'd like to see the riders pass on Keith...

this sends a message to ALL cfl players thinking of deserting thier team for a shot at the NFL....

they can go try thier luck, but they might not have a job if they dont make it.

right now, players leave cuz they have nothing to lose. they either make it with the NFL club, OR they just come right back to the CFL as if nothing happened.

the riders passing on Keith will have more players thinking :'if i dont make it, i might not have a job anywhere, so i better stay in the CFL'.

then we wont lose guys like Lumsden, and Printers, Keith and so on.

I agree DG, the Riders should stick with Cates, Keith has a lot baggage still, and he could disurpt the chemistry the Riders now have rather than adding to it. The team is on a roll, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, dont fix it!(Seems to be said a lot around here recently..LOL)

I think that Tillman would be a fool not too take 2K back. He is such an explosive back and who should begrudge him the right to try and make himself and his family financially better off by trying to play in the NFL. I personally will always support the CFL over the NFL, but the facts are the facts and you just make way more money down there. Pass on 2K and you just make another CFL team that much stronger.

pass on Keith and u have an easier time staying under the cap…why pay $100,000 for keith when you dont NEED his services???

especially when the riders are already struggling to stay under the cap…bringing in KK could push the riders over the cap, which would cost them $500,000 in penalties and the loss of a draft pick.

is KK really worth $600,000 and a draft pick, when you have wes cates doin the job just as well?

The thing is Dys, we dont need KK. Injuries are pushing us over the SMS cap , so why add to it? Things are fine the way they are now. There is no need to disrupt what the Riders have for the sake of ONE player.

I was one of the ones thinking our offence may well sputter without Keith, but was proven wrong - at least as far as the running game is concerned…the Riders’ running game is just fine right now, and seems to have some decent chemistry. Bringing in another player isn’t necessary at this point, imo, even if it is an established vet.

By the time 2K comes back, the Riders will not have to pay $100,000. Probably more in the area of $60,000. And at that point, Tillman would have to decide between 2K and some other players on the roster. It is a business after all. But 2K is, in my opinion, the best back if he was in the CFL today.

KK was NEVER the best back in the CFL, so why would he suddenly be the best now?

hes NEVER been as good as charles roberts.

hes never been in the top 3 in rushing. so why would he be the best now?

I can see why would want him back, having him in the lineup would instantly make the Riders Cup favourites, but why mortgage the future for the sake of one season? We have a good nucleus of good, young players on which to build on, and taking KK back would not be a good move for the long term future of the Riders. You have to look at the broader picture, not just for the next 11 games of this regular season and playoffs.

In my opinion, 2K is the best back. Roberts got way more touches then 2K ever got. As for mortgaging the future, I have always liked Tillman and I trust him. If he says that he would go to the airport and pick 2K up personally, then I have got to believe that he has a plan in place to ensure that they can afford 2K. Whether that means releasing other players or just having the money.

Assuming KK returns to the CFL, I suspect he will go to the highest bidder and that I believe will be the Eskimos.

I would not count out the Argos either. If they could get KK, Avery and White are just memories...

i think avery is a memory right now.

hes not gonna be in the CFL next year, no doubt....the argos wont re-sign him, and no other team will want him...he'll be like antonio warren.

I would take Keith back if for nothing else to keep the other teams hands off him. He is arguably one of the top running backs in the league ( you can argue the total yards but look at the Yards per Carry ), and im sure there are plenty of other teams in this league that could use his talent.

Wes Cates has been very good for us thus far, and I think part of his success comes as teams are looking for us to pass more often than we did in the past.

again, is KK worth $600,000 and a draft pick, just to keep him off another team?

Durability has always been an issue for KK, if the guy could ever play the full season he might of had Roberts like numbers. Also, the knock against him has always been, if you hit him hard early and often he shys away.

If 2K comes back this year, I was under the impression that he is in his option year with the Riders anyways. Does anyone know if this is true?

If that pushes them over the cap, they still have until week 18 to get under. So you either release / trade another player or two to get under, or you trade Keith to stay under.

Either way, if KK is not with the Riders, they'll most definately get something in return.

First, I doubt the Riders are in all that much of a struggle to stay under the cap, though injuries can take their toll.
But it is impossible for your $600000 and a draft pick scenario to come to fruition because of one player.
If his entire suggested salary of $100000 were over the cap, it costs us no draft picks and only an extra $100000. Unless we are already several hundred over.
I will add however that ET offered him $175,000 last year. But if you prorate that over half a season you only get 88,000.

Anyway, I voted to bring him back.
Wes Cates has been fine, but KK is simply better, based on what we have seen thus far.
I think you get them both on the roster and then kick some serious butt!