Kenton Keith NOT an Argo!

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the argos with their smoke and mirrors, one moment they're praising a guy, next moment they're ripping him apart, this organization led by the glibeberman's are snakes.

i still don't understand how they would have had enough money to afford this guy, i guess because they got rid of bishop

you might want to retract (edit) that????? :wink:

They can't afford him. End of story. What smoke and mirrors?

you mean gliebermans? lol, these guys are terrible meddlers, they meddle more than the steinbrenner family.

Until he lowers his price or they decide they are that desperate.


your kidding, RIGHT?

OH, OH...he's not kidding...somebody please tell this guy who screwed up the Ottawa franchise!

Perhaps you might like to ask the Argo's who owns them...seems they are in good financial state right now...AND they are in second place in the East...while not having a great record are still way ahead of the Ticats.

8) Do you have any idea what you are talking about at all ???? :roll: