Kenton Keith - next Friday?

Am I right to assume that Kenton Keith is eligible for next Friday's game and if so does anyone know whether he play on returns, in the backfield or both? I cannot seem to find any info. on it? Perhaps I have missed it though.

He is eligible, but in today’s spec Drew spoke with Obie and Obie Doesn’t know what he wants to do when he returns if anything. I see him playing at least a couple downs next friday.

A guy who's been injured since training camp? I doubt he'll play. It'll be one more thing for fans to rant about if the Cats lose though - "PLAY KEITH!!!" - I can hear it now.

8) If you check further down this page, you will see a topic "Anyword on Terry Caulley".
 There is plenty of talk about KK in that topic also  !!!

 Keith is eligable to come off the 9 game IR for the Sept 11 game.
 But don't count on it.  He isn't even working out with the team yet, and is still doing rehab on the 
 knee  !!!

 He will probably go back on the IR on Sept. 11.  I would think he will be lucky to even play again 
 this year  !!!

Injury prone??? Faulty running posture? made of glass? dump him and his big contract IMHO

Thanks guys

I think that’s JL your talking about :lol: