Kenton Keith named Colts #2 Running Back

Kenton Keith was named the colts #2 Running Back today after DeDe Dorsey was cut as well as some Dawson Guy

Keith rushed for 64 yards on 12 preseason carries

Cool. I'll have to keep an eye out for him this Thursday. :slight_smile:

Yep. I knew he was gonna make it from the beginning, other than Joseph Addai, the Colts arent exactly wealthy at RB...

I’m assuming you meant “aren’t,” but either way, I think Addai is a great back. He rushed for over 1,000 yards and 7 TDs in his rookie season.

But Kenton Keith should help out. Maybe they can do the same thing they did last year with Addai and Rhondes. :smiley:

The Dawson guy cut is Clifton Dawson, a Canadian who's property of the Argos. Thanks to the Argos seeming rotation at RB we might even see a second Canadian RB start this season.

Making the team was something I thought he could do.
Actually beating out Dorsey--that's great.
Go KK.
I think he is a great fit for Indy, and gives them a nice change of pace from Addai.
If only I didn't hate Indy so much....

I fixed it, thanks for pointing it out lol

Yeah. Dorsey got cut. He played pretty bad in the last preseason game.

Doesn't EA sports feel stupid for purposefully (maybe not purposefully) excluding Kenton Keith from the Official MAdden Roster?

Now we all gotta be pulled into their web portal to get the updated rosters. Oh well. Good Luck Keith, And stay out of the night clubs.

It's not feasible for them to put every player who attends training camp on a game that comes out before the season even starts.

He'll be there in a roster update along with many other no name players with no previous NFL experience.

And congratulations to Kenton Keith, beating out a guy who many predicted would easily be the backup in Dorsey.

Congrats to KK, Im a bit surprised that he actually made the team as the #2 RB. As for staying out of nightclubs, he will be too busy trying to make an impression to worry about having a swelled head and thinking he is a star.

not as bad as what they did with Printers. He was in the game when it was shipped and then there was a roster update in which they took him out of the game.

Keith is in my game ... maybe cause its the ps3 version and they maybe kept it out of the others?

Congrats KK! Well deserved!

Only problem with Kenton Keith is he has advanced DDS (Dave Dickenson Syndrome) he is as fragile as a beer bottle in a bar fight ...
probably one of the most talented RB's the Riders have seen... but has Never played a full season or fulfilled his expectations.
Keith (ankle) underwent an MRI on Friday, the Indianapolis Star reports.

I heard the Colts are scanning the waiver wire...

Talented RB's made of glass just dont make it in the long haul....Hello John Avery

I guess the Colts weren't to concerned about the MRI results(which was a few weeks ago) as they kept KK and cut Dorsey.

The fact still remains he is injury prone...Hello Jackie Mitchell

I’d go a step further and say he was probably one of the most talented runningbacks the CFL has seen, just never managed to play a full season for a variety of reason ( NFL tryouts and injuries ).

I wish him all the best in the NFL.