Kenton Keith may be starting this week against the bucs

Joseph Addai is questionable this week which means Kenton Keith should get the start against my team the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS!

i would like to root for kenton but its against my favourite team

marvin harrison and bob sanders are also questionable for this weeks game

Go Bucs!

Marvin Harrison isn't a big loss, though. Wayne has been taking over for him, and we also have Clark. Bob Sanders will hurt us. But we're at home, so good luck to your Bucs. They're gonna need it.

And good luck to Kenton Keith.

Not too shabby eh...

28 carries 121 yards 2 TDs
5 receptions 37 yards

I started him on my fantasy football team, because of injuries...:smiley:

Your bug is annoying me lol :wink:

before the game bill cowher was giving some good props to kenton, and didnt say anything negative about the CFL! (thats a first from an NFL point of view) :lol:

yeah, I had to scale down my sig, so i just changed it all together lol... I didnt even know my KK one was too big. and yeah, KK got me 27 points on fantasy football, pretty nice

What is the latest?

Well they have a bye this week, but after Joeseph Addai should be back to normal...

Considering Keith proved himself last week, I say we use both him and Addai to run wild on Jacksonville! Their rushing defence is about the middle of the pack. :smiley:

He'll get his touches when Addai goes out, and im sure they have confidence in him now.

They had confidence before... They wouldnt have a guy who is essential unproven as a back-up if they didnt. He will be played like he was before the injury...