Kenton Keith is thinking........

What did I get myself in to?

lol he definately is

He is thinking what the hell did i get myself into.

How nice it is that I got a job and at 170K!

He must also be thinking about how much he's getting paid to do this.

In other words, the same thing Printers must have been thinking when he first signed here.

What the hell i get myself into?! I need a new agent asap.

"Marcel is a good guy. I wonder where he'll be working next year..."

.....and I hope they re-sign Lumsden, or both of the people reasons I signed here are gone...and the money might not last either.

He's got to be thinking, why cant I run for a 7 or 8 yard average when every other back here has??

Say what you want to about the O line but ... the only thing that changed Friday night was the running back.