Kenton keith is injuury prone.

First he has a tummy ache, and now a scratch. Why can't he tough it out?


The one of many things I hate on this site is the use of "injury prone" spelt right I might add as well.
Players are NOT injury prone. No such thing in the English dictionary but when they do play such a physical sport as football will sustain injuries.
Keith sustained a laceration to his arm which involved deep tissue.
Required about 14 stitches. Had nothing to do with his ability or proneNESS in anyway.
Dumb luck
Similar to my favorite player Jesse Lumsden.
So enough of the "prone injury" tags.
Thank you.

I guess you missed the "winking" smiley at the end of CK's post...

Considering its two words, I'm not surprised it isn't in the dictionary. However, when broken out, you get the following:

Injury - harm or damage that is done or sustained

Prone - having a natural inclination or tendency towards something

So quite literally, it would mean someone who has a natural tendency to having damage or harm done or sustained.


I know the original post was in jest but did anyone else see the extent of the injury. In one shot the cut was deep and bone was showing, at least it looked like bone. All in all, Kenton looked pretty cool about it, a lot of people would have passed out. Guessing it was the hit from the helmet or facemask. Anybody here more about that or how he is?

Can Nick Setta play running back?

This guy can play QB and play while being hurt. And to think, "he's only a kicker"!

Now to be known as Saint Nick.

Starting to think who isnt injury prone on this team this year.