Kenton Keith is going to trial...

This article appeared today on the CBC Saskatchewan website…

“Football player Kenton Keith will stand trial for assault in connection with an incident at a Regina nightclub last year, a judge has decided.
The 26-year-old American citizen is accused of injuring a man during a late-night brawl at Soho’s nightclub.
Keith, a running back who was first signed by the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2001, is currently attending training camp for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. A preliminary hearing was held in Regina on Wednesday to determine if the Crown’s case was strong enough to proceed to trial. Keith had received permission from the court to be absent from the proceedings.
Five Crown witnesses testified about events at the nightclub. Their evidence cannot be reported because of a publication ban.
After hearing their testimony, provincial court Judge Clifford Toth ruled there was enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial.
Keith had received permission from the court to be absent from the proceedings.
No date has been set, but the trial could be scheduled for the fall or winter.”

I bet the Colts arent gonna like hearing that...

Nor his mother.

They should have dismissed the trial.
Now his NFL career is over from some stupid punk loser that decied to start a fight with some Roughriders outside a club.
That judge sould have known this case is useless and has no merit other than he porbably doesnt like black people, makes me sick.



Everybody knows canadian justice is a sick joke that is always being played on the public.
Why pretend to be interested in serving justice for a irrelevant drunk bar fight?
We give double murderers 6 yrs!
Convicted pedofiles and abusers 8 yrs!
We let corrupt and racist police back into the force or sometimes even a paid vacation (The saskatoon RCMP/cop who got leave with pay)!!!!!

Canadian Justice does not exist, so . . . .

Let Kenton Go!
Let Kenton Play!

and in the spare time we will have from not putting Kenton Keith on trial, we can Re-Sentence that moose jaw couple that forced a bunch of little kids to perform acts with animals.
This time we will put them in jail for life or execute them

FREE KEITH!!! #28 !!!!

Unless we were there to see what happened, we really have no idea.

The point is is that none of this probably would have happened unless Kieth was drinking and hanging around bars. I cannot help but imagine that if Keith was stone cold sober at the time, this incident probably would not have happened. It is about time athletes and pseudo-celebrities learned that nothing good generally happens at bars.

Stay out them at least for the season. Then they have six months in the off season to go home and live like a big shot and to impress the gals...But when you are up here getting relatively good money (compared to what I make) playing a kids game, then behave yourselfs and act like adults and commit yourselves as professionals to the sport that you claim you love...

Cheers to that Oxbow! - I think its a direct reflection of KK's true character. He's a pre-madona.. And If i was his coach I wouldn't want him on my team even though he brings alot of talent to the table, he doesnt play for the team as much off the field as he does on the field.

Sometimes it isnt what you do, but what you dont do.

My cousin's best friend's brother is like the bouncer KK apparently got involved with... If what I heard was true, it doesnt look good for KK. I hope for his sake what I heard wasnt true tho. And no Im not gonna say what I heard out of respect for KK, the bouncer, and whoever else was involved.

All this boils down to is a he said/he said thing.. the one who wins is the one with the most credibility. I would venture to guess that if the former teammates testify on KK's behalf, his story might be more credible than the bouncer's..but its anyone's guess as to how this will play out.

yeah, Im thinking he'll get off...

My cousin's best friend's brother is like the bouncer KK apparently got involved with
Well with first hand testimony like that, I think it should be straight to the gas chamber for KK....!!

cheers to all

me and my cousin are like brother and sister. She wouldnt make that up. Neither would her best friend...

Eye witness testimony is suspect enough without relying on what, by the time you are typing it here, is 4th hand information.
It isn't even remotely about whether or not the people you refer to would or would not make anything up.

ok doc