Kenton Keith! First NFL TD!!!!

Sweet lol

He's definately makinga name for himself

He is on my fantasy team :slight_smile: Starting this week replacing LT

Uh, guys? I'm not sure how this can be considered the "first NFL TD", since Keith scored a major or two the week before the bye...

Ya i think he has more then 1 touch down this year.

3 TD's this year

Ohh yeah! What was I thinking… Nvm… I started him in fantasy football that weak too lol…


Yeah... :lol:

Definitely a good show by him. I didn't watch him much in Saskatchewan, but he's running good tonight. He's a good back who won't stop running no matter how many guys are pushing him back.

One thing I noticed tonight, though, is he's dropped a few passes, 2 or 3. He needs to work on that.

...schooled by the chick who only started watching NFL this's that feel, guys? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so bad if Chief would fill my beverage...

even if you didn't school me.

There are no CFL games on. I thought I had the night off. Guess not... :lol:

You're a Rider fan, so it's all good

Night off? Now you want perks, Chief? Sheesh...

schooled. hehehe. get it, schooled… haha. She is a teacher. hahaha

I was gonna post it, but you beat me to it.