Kenton Keith Finished

If there is no room in the CFL for Joe Smith....then there is no room for Kenton Keith....... He probably has a beter chance catching on with another NFL team then with a CFL team....Teams like Toronto and Edmonton(Winnipeg maybe) would love to sign him....however because of the SMS it is impossible.
Keith probably will never see another hand off in a pro game for the rest of his night in a parking lot and you life is destroyed...sad sad sad.
Best case scenario he gets put on an NFL practice roster or two or three (like Dickenson) for the rest of this season... Next year he signs for 100K with a CFL club for two years and an option..... Then he'll be 31...his carrer will be over.
Basicly in the best case scenario he will be very lucky to earn 500K in the rest of his football career.
If he had just left that parking lot like he was told... he'd probably would of signed a 3 year 2.5 million dollar contract with 1.2 guarented signing bonus... SAD SAD SAD.
My money is on him ending up in jail like Lawarence Phillips and Marrice Clarret within one year...Sad

I think once the Colt had the oppurtunity to draft Mike Hart, Kenton Keith was finished in Indy, arrest or not.

They drafted Mike Hart one week after Keith was arrested!!!!

i think he'll be traded to T.O

I believe he will wind up in the CFL, most likely with Toronto.

The cut-throat Bombers in the front office would take the fading Charles Roberts behind the barn and sign Kenton Keith in a heartbeat.

The Bombers love to sign players that burned us in past games and Keith is one of those. If Chang doesn't work out, the Bombers will probably look up Crandell too.

We're the 2008 Blue Bummers--we'll pick up anybody's garbage!!! :lol:

There's an article, on TSN, hinting that BC is a possible destination if there's no work down south.

winnipeg is re-building anyways, they should sign him and the punter that got cut from the packers, trade stegall to a playoff contender to claim cap space, trade roberts away as well.

Your right touchdown, I agree.

[quote="Blin"]They drafted Mike Hart one week after Keith was arrested!!!![/quoteI know. But Im saying if they had the oppurtunity to draft him when they did, they would have still taken him. Mike Hart had a pretty damn good college career.

Interesting story line on that. Keith says he'd be interested in playing CFL again, and mentions Shivers. And then Wally pulls the trigger and unloads Joe Smith before Keith clears waivers and supply of RB's starts to increase.

there's too much good bud and northern lights in b.c. for kenton, he needs a simple town that lacks nightlife and chronic.

I see The Blue Team Making a Run at Kenton

....Taman is hot on his trail.....could be more movement in the Peg.... :wink:

I think he meant the Argos....Taman can't afford 140k for Joe Smith, Half of Roberts salaray and Kenton Keith. Unless Taman plans to become the bombers QB.

....and who is saying there won't be more player movement in the Peg....i believe that could free up some dough....yes///no/// :wink:

News reports state he wants to be the highest paid RB in Canada. Bringing his salry at around $150,000 or more. I think KK will be sitting waiting for the phone to ring for some time lOL.

The Argos already made 2 salary-dumping moves, so I don't think they've got that much cap space laying around.