Kenton Keith back to the CFL?

with his recent troubles, and the colts new additions of Mike Hart via draft and Dominic Rhodes, could this spell the end of Kenton Keith's stint as a colt? and another question, are there any other NFL teams that could use his services? I expect Keith to be back to the CFL soon, what do you think?

I would not be too surprised to see him NOTB. But I do see other teams taking ethical stands on chronic troublemaker players these days like the Stamps with Sadrick Williams and the Jays with Barry Bonds. As for the which team speculation, I can only think of teams that wouldn't want him. I'd love to see the Bombers get him and snatch Fred Reid for cheap. LOL.


Anything is possible, but Hart, as a 6th round pick is not all that likely to make the team. Though youth counts. Dominic Rhodes has had more "trouble" than KK in the last year. He was suspended by the league for violating its substance abuse policy, and was arrested for a DUI. Not sure if they are separate events or not. Far more serious than anything KK has been charged with--which was slightly more serious than a parking ticket.
Rhodes signed for the minimum salary (about 1/12 his market value last year), so that says he isn't being handed a spot. Obviously, as the 2nd stringer, KK doesn't have a ton of job security. But if the Colts were truly unhappy with him, they would have used a higher draft pick than number 6, or be looking for a better back than Rhodes. But there wil be competition in camp. There usually is....

Yea, if they were unhappy with him he'd probably have been released by now as well. I hadn't even thought of Rhodes troubles. I wish Keith the best despite his accrued public sliminess.


He may very well not be with the Colts, he seems to have trouble catching the ball out of the backfield for them and it's something they utilize a lot out of their running backs.

I'm sure another team will take a look though, he had a very respectable YPC average with the colts.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Colts have put their tag-team runners -- Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes -- back together.
The move means Indy will have two 1,000-yard runners in its backfield next season.

What fans will remember most about the two runners is their impressive 2006 playoff run.

Addai, the starter, topped 1,000 yards in each of his first two seasons. Indy also drafted Michigan running back Mike Hart in the sixth round and still has last year's primary backup -- Kenton Keith.

Keith was arrested last month, six days before the draft, after police said he refused to leave the parking lot of a nightclub. He was charged with criminal trespassing and has pleaded not guilty.

Rhodes also has a legal history in Indy.

Keith Days are # in Indy with Heart and Rhodes now there.

Welcome back to the CFL Mr. Keith
Mark my Words.
He'll be back in The CFL by Labour day

Don't think Mr. Keith will be returning any time soon. He proved last season that he is at worst a good backup and can succeed in the NFL. If the Colts don't want him expect that he'll be picked up by another NFL team.

Who cares? He is a bum! The riders have a much better running back in Cates. If you look at many teams they have good running backs they do not need to add a butt head like KK>

I don't think there is any doubt Keith is on thin ice in Indy. All teams in the NFL tend to shy away from guys with "colourful" pasts, unless they are stars.

I can see him back in the league, perhaps with the Esks or Argos.

If Edmonton is prepared to add Sharmar Bracey to their line up for training camp, I suspect they would take a chance on Keith.

I don't believe they are set yet.

Which of course explains why Indy has signed that pillar of the community, Dominic "DUI, suspend me later, after I beat my wife" Rhodes.....
KK is a model citizen by comparison.

yes but Dominic Rhodes is a much better back than Keith.

Are we sure about that? We have only one season of KK's numbers to compare, but Dominic Rhodes has done very little in recent years. KK actually had a pretty darned good year last year.
My suspicion is, that at most, Rhodes is marginally better. And maybe not even that. All I heard last winter from my supposedly "expert" NFL friends, was "no way KK makes it in Indy".
Now all this off season, we keep hearing how he will soon be cut.
I guess we shall see.

He might fit a little better into the Colts system because he's better at catching the ball out of the backfield, but as far as running the ball, Keith is better than him.

i disagree, Rhodes has had 1, 000 yard seasons, and performed on the big stage, the superbowl against one heck of a defence. Keith has had one 100 yard game.

I think he will end up with a different team like Denver, Cincinnati or maybe even the Jets. Thats assuming he gets cut of course.

Absolutely, Rhodes is well liked in Indy and a 1,000 yard rusher to boot. The choice won't be hard.

I keep hearing keith is a lousy pass catcher. I guess his hands turned to stone last year, and that was why he made the team...he was likely the best pass catching back in the CFL in 2005-6, so if you guys don't think he can catch, that doesn't say much for the rest of the CFL backs...

Meanwhile, yes, Dominic Rhodes once upon a time had a 1000 yard season. 7 years ago. I think one telling stat is how many yards did he have the next year. In round numbers. 0.
And now how many 1000 yard seasons has he had since then. Also in round numbers. 0.
They might like him in Indy--and I guess they wouldn't have signed him otherwise.
But when a guy is only making the minimum salary, they don't love him. Makes him equal at best in that regard to KK. Again, if Indy was seriously unhappy with KK, they would put more effort into drafting RBs or finding free agents than Dominic Rhodes...
Doesn't mean KK will make the team this year. It just means Rhodes isn't a shoe in either....

Indy has been doing pretty well drafting running backs lately. drafting Addai 3 years ago in the first round, and Mike Hart this year. Mike Hart has a huge heart, and runs with passion, he will make the team. He may not have size or speed, but he is a Tiki Barber type back. He will be a good compliment to Addai/Rhodes. It might be kind of like the Giants 3 headed monster in Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward and Amhad Bradshaw.

You know, except that without Rhodes the Colts dont come close winning the superbowl the year before last.