Kenton Keith Back On 9 Game IR

8) The Cats today have placed Kenton Keith back onto the 9 game IR List !!! ( Nov. 14)
  (As I predicted they would)   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 

  While he can still be activated earlier than that Nov. 14 date, I would be willing to bet that he will

  not play at all this year  !!!

  What the Cats do with him in the off season, is another question  !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   It's possible that we have seen the last of KK as a TiCat  !!!

    Too bad if that is the case, because we did not get to even see him play at all this season, to see

    if he had regained his old form !!!

Im just glad we have a lot of depth at running back. Well be fine!!

God can we just take him off and release him already? alot of salary cap wasted for a guy sitting on his couch at home playing Madden.


exactly. Unless we activate him early from the 9 game his salary doesn't count against the cap. IMO if we run into some injury issues with cobb/cauley I would be shocked if KK isnt activated.

Cobb, Caulley, and don't forget Smith....we are three deep without KK

8) He will not be activated !!! :roll:
 He is no where near ready to play football  !!!

No but they still have to pay for him.
If the cat’s wan’t to come closer to making money they won’t wan’t to pay someone that kind of money to not play especiall if they intend on releasing him in the off season.
It’s just not good from a business point of view.

Maybe it IS a good business point-of-view. Think of it, an employer who actually cares for and pays their employees...

Could be a way to help bring in some more good talent, unlike Winterpeg...

Well, he hasn't played a down yet so nothing is lost. I'm glad it is resolved though. Back to business as usual without the speculation of will he or won't he be ready. The question is, when will we see Caulley?

Unless I missed something, I don't think you can cut or trade an injured player anyway. I was really hoping Keith would have healed by now. I would have liked to see him play and get into shape for a stretch run. In game shape he really is a force that other teams have to contend with.

You can't cut or release an injured player hense why someone was kept during training camp for that same reason. Also at this point after labour doesn't his salary become guarenteed as well. He can't be released if he is hurt and they can't activate him and cut him while he is hurt either you know how horrible this team would look outside of the lawsuits that would follow.

So he could be activated in time for the playoffs, that's great we may need him!!

If he is activated for the playoffs, I predict that with a year off, his timing and possibly his commitment
will be off and he will be a big flop.

When a player is out as long as he has been due to injury, they rarely regain their former stature.