Kenton Keith and Tre Smith For BC Game

8) According to Ken Peters, the Cats will go with a 2 back set for Saturdays game in BC.
   It will be Kenton Keith alongside Tre Smith in the backfield  !!

    Jesse and Caulley will not be playing  !!   This will be Jesse's 8th game out of 13 that he has missed so far this season, in case anyone is keeping track  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

How do you know this ??

Kenny posted this info online in his blog
in the Spectator at 2.09 PM, habman.


From my observations at practice,

I am not sure how many plays will
actually be run from a 2 back set.

You may recall how few occured
when Jesse was paired with Caulley.

As usual, there will be double tight end
sets and five and six receiver sets.

this will be a big game for tre. i hope he comes out to play and has a good game.

I hope he can hold on to the damn ball this time.

Bah! Thanks for the noice. I think I had Caulley in Fantasy. Better make a quick switch.

well if he cant he wont be here next weak, but i really think he will come out and have a great game.

Depth chart for the week has Caulley at #2.

Either way, this team will have at least 150 yds rushing. I really don't see it as a problem. Keith will play well in limited action and Tre will carry the bulk of the work load.

8) Well the Spec says this morning (Sat) that Caulley will not play !!
  They list the starting backfield as KK and Jeff Piercy.  Backed up by Tre Smith.