Kent Ridley : great read. re:lapo and the bombers

[url=] ... -for-mack/[/url] <--- regarding free agency last year [url=] ... -winnipeg/[/url] <-- explains why lapo was fired better than any hack writer the sun or free press has.

I'd say you need to read that blog again. He by no means endorses the firing unequivocally. He understands why the move was made, in part, but opposes the firing on principle:

[i]Mid-season coaching moves in football are tough to pull off and so many aspects of the previous coach have to be kept in place simply because there isn’t enough time to change everything.

Putting it solely into the mind set of the 2012 CFL Season, the sheer number of injuries to starting players has forced the Bombers to go deeper into their depth at running back and offensive line than other teams even bother to carry on their practice roster. It is hard to imagine that this team wasn’t given a chance to play multiple games with a healthy line up.

A rough start to the season is something that can be overcome and those with short memories need to look back to the 2011 Grey Cup Champion BC Lions and their 0-5 record to start the year.[/i]

And then:

[i]With the issues that the offence was having, it seems like the logical move would have been to adjust some responsibilities before going to the extreme of relieving a coach of his duties.

Paul LaPolice had a successful run as both an offensive co-ordinator and as an offensive position coach. DJ Flick became a CFL All-Star with LaPolice as his receivers coach in Saskatchewan, which also saw great numbers offensively as a whole during his three year tenure.

Perhaps a move to have LaPolice more involved in the offensive game planning or bringing in another coach to take the QB coaching duties off of the plate of Crowton or a running back coach to free up Kyle Walters to focus on special teams could have been considered.[/i]

And finally:

Whatever the multitude of reasons behind the move, it is done and they will have to reap what has been sewn. Many doubt that it will change their fortunes and speculate that in three months, several more in the Bombers organization will be looking for new places to work.

Ultimately, he argues that something had to be done, but that firing LaPo was extreme, and that there is no guarantee of anything changing.

.....Changing horses midstream is a rough move IF it involved bringing in someone completely new...Burke has all this clubs needs to know for the rest of the campaign...The transistion won't be that tough AND by the look of the first practice we are coming along great.... :wink:

So, just out of curiosity, how many Head Coaches are the Bombers now paying? (1) Lapolice, (2) Mike Kelly? (3)Doug Berry? Or would that stop since he was hired as OC for Saskatchewan)(4) Jim Daley? (That was long ago, that one has to be paid up by now)

Just curious on how many Coaches a team has to go through to finally get it right…???

Your a big boy figure it out! Nice trolling !

They've pretty much paid for two HC for the last five or six years with few or any interuptions. Kelly came off the book at the end of 2011. Now they have to pay Lapolice around 345k and probably a 100k extra for Burke. So its a 500k hit again. This makes getting ride of Mack that much more difficult should the BOD want to go that route as that would add at least another 500k net loss to the bottom line.

It wasn't trolling, I was asking a question. How long was Mike Kellys contract for? I dont have that answer. For the record, I think they gave up on Lapolice too soon. Both him and Doug Berry have one thing in common, both fired the following year after taking the team to the Grey Cup. To me, thats a bit of a head scratcher. I know both Coaches were fired by different GM's (Berry fired by Taman).

What if Mack doesn't give Burke the players? How long before another Coaching change? One season, two seasons?

Here's an article by Glen Suitor; about inside stuff going on and such, interesting.

Kelly came off the books before 2011 - his contract was bought out shortly after he was fired.

some of you trolls just dont get it. its ok to disagree with the move being made mid season, thats fine but the point of the article is too clearly show that the reasons for his firing are valid and make sense.

He got paid... for his contract up to the end of 2011 anyway. No matter the modalities and fiscal year ends. Bombers may even have got a bit of a rebate. A guy like Kelly with child support and legal bills probably wanted DA CASH ! LOL !

…Bombers don’t owe any coaches at present except Lapolice…He had a three year extension BUT there’s an option to pick-up the third…Obviously that won’t be happening…The board has stated we’re in good shape financially to handle this latest departure…Does that clear things up. :wink:

Still a lot of money. Can buy two Bentley or a Ferrari for what it will cost ...

It's possible because anything's possible, but the Tiger-Cats fired Charlie Taaffe at mid-season and replaced him with Marcel Bellefeuille, who was on the staff, and the team only won once after that. Hamilton, like Winnipeg, had two wins at the time Taaffe was fired. People slag Bellefeuille a lot, but the guy helped turn the Cats around, just not in the season he was named interim coach.

And for the record, I am a big fan of Tim Burke and think he will make an excellent head coach. I wanted him to be Hamilton's new head coach when they went looking for one last year. In fact, I still wish he was the guy they hired. I think he can turn things around, just not this year. If he does enough to stick around, and that doesn't have to be solely in the win-loss column, I think he will have Winnipeg ready to go next year.

Interesting to note that Joe Mack is also a second term Blue Bomber executive. His first run with the Bombers started with the 1984 season and a Grey Cup championship. In his four seasons as Director of Player Personnel, the Bombers were 46-21-1 during the regular season and 4-3 in the playoffs.
Anyone who wants to blame Mack and his ability to find talented players, need look no further than that paragraph right there. What's more likely, that Joe Mack has forgotten how to find players or that Lapo wasn't getting it done as a HC.

No question he's a great player personnel guy=scout so was Murphy, does not make him a good GM. Just like the record of a coordinator does not mean he will make a great coach. Mack has done a great job bringing in imports but the rest is a huge question marke IMO.

You don't really believe that do you?

We can speculate all day on the other issues at play but imo it came down to the finish last season, dropping 4 of 7 to the two worst teams in the league was a red flag that all was not well.

I just don't believe in firing a HC in football during the season unless there is a murder,death,kill, especially when the OC has a whole 8 games under his belt with only two wins. He probably needed to be replaced at season's ends if Mack was still on the job. BOD, confirms, president, confirms GM, confirms HC, confirms assistants... Has to be that way otherwise you send the organization in complete disaray. AND the fans still liked him and believed in Lapolice at least it looks like the majority did. So its not like people were standing on the roof with signs "fire lapolice". Fans are still there...

....You don't fire people for NO reason...Put it simply, Lapolice couldn't get it done....His record speaks for itself...Time to move on as the GM and most of the informed football fans of the Bombers have stated, the change was needed :wink:

Papa, how well did this work for Hamilton when they canned Taafe ? or Saskatchewan when they canned Marshall or Toronto when they canned Stubler ?

We will see...