is time to step aside and go upstairs

Let me begin by saying I have great respect for Kent Austin.
It is clear..after yet another loss, now 0 and 8.
Kent needs to step down as H/C and go into his V P of Operations role that he also holds.
For whatever the reason...
Kent has lost the players on this Team, and it shows on the field.
I truly hope this takes place over the bye week.
Jones should be made intermittent H/C for the balance of 2017.
As if not...
This train wreck will continue.
Enough said.

Imagine he had the humility to call his friend Tommy Condell and offer him the job?

I wish we had never lost Tommy...
Collaros has not been right since the injury and Tom leaving. :cry:

No. Fire him asap

I have been saying that for weeks and all I get is he is not on the field ,so he is not the problem.
(its execution)
Its time for the fans to recognise that playcalling and leadership makes a big difference.

Despite fielding a team with a bunch of rookies due to many injuries, Austin again had this team in a position where they could have won. But the execution of the players (namely Collaros' lack of production/horrible fumble, and Banks' dropped TD pass) blew it for us.

Austin is not the problem. The players are.

Maybe Jones takes over as HC during the bye, maybe not.

Butas I've suggested before, expect the Ticats to trade or cut several guys who are masquerading as star players on this team during the upcoming bye week, and to replace them with a boatload of NFL cuts.

When good players are not producing its not because they suddenly lost skill. They don't believe in what the coach is asking them to do. To say its the players fault is wrong. They need to believe that the coaching staff are putting them in a place to be successful and its clear nobody on this team feels this way. You can see it clearly. Austin is a terrible coach that can't and wont use his players to their strengths because is precious "offensive system" is the only way for him. He needs to go

Couldnt disagree more.
"Terrible coach" is a stretch. I think VP Austin is more of the problem than coach Austin. This team never had a chance from the get go. The talent level wasn't there at all.

Wouldn't you say that maybe Ellingson, Sinopoli, Harris and the Ottawa "D" had more to do with the Cats losing?

I see nothing that justifies Austin holding the VP of Football Operations position now or in the foreseeable future. In addition, there was also no practical justification for handing Austin the GM's position when he was first brought here in my opinion.
Those titles were handed to Austin to "justify" the huge salary that he was paid to sign here. Meanwhile, Austin handed the GM's job to Tillman and he will probably soon give up (or be relieved of) the HC's job. At that point, Young will be paying two people on staff to fill the GM's job and also paying two people on staff to fill the HC's job and still be stuck with the incapable Austin as VP.
And that ladies and germs is the definition of "stupid money"!

Handing Austin the executive and management positions was a naïve and regrettable decision on the part of Young and Mitchell - they made their bed, now they have to lie in it.

It's a combination of execution and talent (the ability to make plays)
And we have neither.
Say or think what you will but we must have a tiered Mngment. and coaching position so someone is accountable.
Kent can't or won't fire himself.

I can totally see Kent giving up the HC duties for his VP job (to someone he trusts). This way he keeps his salary and lessens his workload. If he doesn't give it up and this continues he risks getting fired or not extended and losing his job entirely.

Show me why the V-P of Football Operations job should be entrusted to Kent Austin going forward.

There is nothing in Austin's football resumé that indicates he can successfully fill that role.

We're talking about acting in the best long-term interests of the football team here - it's not about protecting somebody's job!

Stats Canada predicts the upcoming Solar Eclipse will only be 29% darker than the future of the Hamilton Tiger Cats. :frowning:

In the real world other than government jobs poor performance does not and should not be rewarded. Austin has to go period. Young and Mitchell made a terrible mistake by giving Austin full control. What we have learned so far;

1/ Paid too much for an arrogant stuborn person.

2/ He can not judge talent period.

3/ Over pays non performing players, Laurent, Collaros, Banks, Lawrence and Chick.

4/ The same unimaginative play selection.

5/ Scouting and development "Zero"

6/ The use of a tight end or any creative motion to reduce the pass rush. Zero.

7/ Creating and maintaining relationships with his coat hinge staff. Zero.

8/ Refuses to establish the run and keep the defense honest.

9/ Continues the Man Crush theory for players who would never start on any other team.

10/ Last but not least, he has lost the room. I see very few players giving 100 %

I said "I can see him" - not "I think we should."
The reality of the situation is that Mitchell and Young aren't going to fire him. What you and I think means nothing.

Speak for yourself.

As a fan of the CFL and an observer of the Tiger-Cats, the state of this dysfunctional, messed up organization and team is important to me and should be important to all CFL fans.

As the embarrassment continues to grow, I'm watching to see if Young/Mitchell have the onions to clean up the mess they created or perhaps they're preoccupied still trying to figure out how to competently serve a hot dog and a drink to their dwindling group of attendees at THF.

A culture change requires bold, decisive action from the top. The spotlight is now on you Mr. Young...

Bob has tons of money. Next year he can sign more old guys past their prime from the rosters of others. Free agent signings should be about getting the stars of the future from other teams.

8 running plays?
Might as well kick your Oline in the balls before the game.
I wouldn't play for him either.

I think you're missing my point. Whether or not you, me or any other Ticat fan wants Austin gone has no bearing or influence on whether he will be fired or not. That's Scott Mitchell's job.
Our job is to sit back, watch the decisions the professionals make and make a decision as to whether or not we want to buy a ticket.
I was speculating as to what I think will happen. You're telling me what you want to happen. There's a big difference.