Kent Austin's Q&A with Dave Naylor in Banff

I watched that, Nice interview, despite appearances, it seems that Austin and the Agent have great respect for each other.

Why do I get the feeling that Austin really, really, really wants to get Johnny signed.

Its as if they think its all just business. Weird.

Very interesting a must watch ! In Austin we Trust!$

Austin certainly appears to be more relaxed and thougthful with his responces. It looks like he has a load taken off his shoulders.

How's that worked out for you so far? 8)

I just watched a clip of Naylor interviewing Kavis Reed. Interesting wording of a comment. He said "Manziel is currently property of The Ticats"
I wish i could find it to post a link. Just watching made my spider senses tingle. Reed had a twinkle in his eye when he said it. Maybe nothing but i am reading the tea leaves. Currently property as in for now yes. Soon to be ours. My prediction is Johnny will eventually end up after an over payment in Montreal. Just a gut feeling that I have.

Well that is actually fitting since Montreal has always brought in the side-shows to try and get more fans. Usually they never work out. Hopefully they will continue that tradition even without Popp. 8)

Does that make Manziel the next Next Calvillo?

What made Calvillo's success was the tutoring he got from the starter, Tracy Ham.

Manziel has no one on the Alouettes' roster currently who can provide such expert guidance.

Geez, this team doesn't even have a current starter.

Me firstJohnny is likely to become the next Troy Smith.

Here you go:

Just watched that Kavis clip now and you’re definitely right about the eye twinkle.

Either Johnny ends up in Montreal or a baby was just conceived.

Or hes just having fun with reporter because he knows hes being baited into saying something interesting. Team is a trainwreck, hes under seige, he has to stay upbeat.

BAHAHAHA, and thanks for posting Mycko!

The one part I noted is when Kent talked about part of the due dillegence the team did in vetting Manziel was what he was like in the locker rooms in college and Cleveland and what they found was very different from what many posters here have surmised.

He was 'outstanding in that regard', 'didn't have an attitude; 'a willingness to earn anything he gets (regardlesss of what you heard in these negotiations').

(If you listen from the 6:30 mark on is when Austin makes those comments.)

Seems a different picture is offered in Wikipedia...

"Manziel's work ethic and commitment were questioned by over 20 sources within the Cleveland Browns. An anonymous player even called Manziel's rookie season a "100 percent joke." Others within the organization were hopeful about Manziel's future, including cornerback Joe Haden."

"Manziel was announced as the starting quarterback for the rest of the season on November 17.[69] However, Manziel was demoted to third-string quarterback behind McCown and Austin Davis a week later after videos surfaced of him partying in Texas over the bye week.[70] As a result, Manziel remained benched in favor of Davis when McCown suffered a season-ending collarbone injury in the subsequent game against the Baltimore Ravens"