Kent Austin's play calling

Just like last week in Edmonton,and before that in Calgary,again tonight,this moron can't seem to devise a way for the Argos to get a first down late in the game to kill the clock and preserve a win.The last 2 series,the Argos went 2 and out.He called for the same running play on first down that never works on both series,like he did in Edmonton and the previous Calgary game.Argo fans will know the one I'm talking about.The one where Damon hands off to Avery who is standing next to him and runs between the tackles for no gain.This play hasn't worked all year but apparently,Austin seems to think it's his bread and butter play at the end of the game.We were actually predicting him calling this play in the stands tonight.If I were Stubler,I would be furious with Austin for putting so much pressure on the defence to preserve the wins late in the game.Last week in Edmonton,second and ten and in the shadow of your own goal post,late in the game and trying to hold on to a slim lead,Austin calls for a bomb to Miles?(You can guess what the first down play was).Miles made a circus catch but what the hell was Austin thinking?With all the talent on this offence,it's a shame that a sub-par and unimaginative guy like Austin is running the show.Allen,Bruce,Miles,Baker,Talbot,Avery et al should be ripping up the league,not putting up 11 points against Calgary of fluking off 3 bombs against Edmonton.

Wouldn't Allen be calling the plays? I'm guessing Austin is allowing Allen to call his own plays. Maybe I'm wrong .

Yes… I’m glad someone else is fuming at the play selection of the Argo offence. I am a huge Argo fan, but I am getting very furious at watching the same plays over and over that get them nowhere.!!! 9 times out of ten, when they need 6 yards for a first down, they pass to a guy 3 yards up field who is promptly tackled. This has not worked for many years. Like you, I called both plays at the end of the game when the Argos desperately needed a first down to keep Calgary from getting that shot at the field goal. I told my son they would do that stupid sideline pass and pick up 2 or 3 yards again and have to punt.
I met Tony Miles at the Argo Corn roast a couple weeks ago and spoke to him about it. He said they had the players who could make the plays after the catch, so they make the short passes… however, I have yet to see it work.
As for Avery… I feel sorry for the guy. He is made to stand right beside Allen, then gets handed the ball as everyone is coming right at him. Why don’t they line him up behind Allen who could then pitch it back to him as he is in motion, giving him at least another couple yards to look for some kind of opening.
There is a whole lot of talent on this team. The offence should be re-designed to take advantage of that, not to hinder it. It is amazing how they manage to pull out the wins. The defence and special teams are fantastic… the offence SUCKS. I am not sure how much of that is Damon Allen’s fault. I also notice that he almost never throws a pass up the middle of the field. They are constantly going towards the sidelines. That has to make the opposition defence’s job much easier.

I one should throw a 5 yard pass when you need 9 yards.

What also drives my crazy [most teams do this] on short yardage situations........they give the ball to the second man [HB] who is way back , in the back field. then have to get 4 yards to get 1 yard..........that almost never works.

Let the Q.B. take it.........or give it to the first man [HB] coming through at the line.

2 bigest examples would be in edmonton, the 90, and 89 yard touchdown passes, they were simple 3-5 yard passes over the middle that our playmakers made HUGE, those aree the bigest examples, but there are many others
BTW Austen is doing a great job, wearn't second in passing touchdowns just beacuse of allen