Kent Austin's new boss

It’s a bye week, so here’s a fun little story. Please don’t jump all over me for this being only loosely related to the Ticats. :slight_smile:

Kent Austin is currently working as the OC at Liberty University. The head coach, Hugh Freeze, underwent back surgery during the off season and had complications with a staph infection following the surgery. Last Saturday, he coached his teams season opener from a hospital chair up in the press box. This week, a dental chair is being installed in the press box for him to coach from.

Definitely one of the most bizzare coaching situations I’ve seen. Good luck Kent!

Judging by that score it looks like Austin is working out quite well as their OC. 8)

Drew? That you?

18 point underdog vs a ranked opponent. Nothing more than a favour to get everyone some money.

What would be so hard for an HC to say he’s stepping down/ aside until he’s recovered ? Talk about “ego”.

Small obscure program draws Syracuse and gets blown out. Nobody saw this coming.

All of Austin’s tremendous experience and accomplishments should have helped close the gap.

So easy to flush out Austin’s disciples. :wink:

Sub .500 football is still respectable in some circles. Chin up, Kent.

Unless June Jones is the coach.

"Yeah, we went 8-10 , but, but he changed the culture ".

Is it weird that dental chairs make me want to fall asleep? Only problem is that it seems like whenever I sit in one, people I barely know are doing uncomfortable things to my mouth and shining bright lights at me.

Maybe I should get one for my house.

My dentist recently had a massage option added to chair. It’s wonderful. Move over La-Z-Boy dental chairs are the recliners of the future.

Just throw out a troll post about an independent FBS program and you’ll find them

I know, right!? I can’t believe some people actually appreciate the guy that put the 3-15 seasons behind us and got us the closest we’ve been to a championship in 20 years… some people!!

Marcel Bellefeille was the coach that buried the 3-15 seasons from 2009-2011 and got us into the playoffs all 3 seasons he was coach. He then proceeded to win the Cup the same amount of times that Austin did. ZERO.

Kent was great for the Cats! He gave us swagger and steered us through a difficult time. Hard to see why there’s so much animosity toward him.

You may be right, the animosity comes from him being miserable and appeared to turn the screws on the players when things were not going well.

Conversely, June may not have been as competent, but added a “fun & relaxed” element for the players and the fans. Win or lose June would make everyone feel everything was going to be ok…and when he screwed up would take responsibility.

So far Orlondo has been very level headed and professional.
But his true test would be how he handles adversity (ie when we lose a few games in a row).

That’s a stretch.

Every Head Coach/Assistant/Player etc is a failure since 1999.

Got it.

Think about how easy this makes the board from now on…

“Great game by Masoli”

“How many Grey Cups has he taken us to? Zero.”

“Dylan Wynn defensive player of the week!”

“How many Grey Cups has he taken us to? Zero”

Should be much less arguing about coaches/players now when the bar is set.

Bellefeille did get us that first step out of the gutter to a.500 team, but there is a clear delineation from that and when we became a feared contender under Austin. Stunning how you refuse to see it.

Well said!