Kent Austin

Is there anybody else out there who thinks the Argos won the Grey Cup DESPITE having Kent Austin as their offensive coordinater?He calls 3 running plays in the first quarter and then 3 the rest of the game??No short passing game.No screen plays.No trick plays.He's lucky he's got some great athletes on offence because he has got to be the worst coordinater in the CFL.Last year,they blamed the lack of offence on injuries.Let's see what they say this year.After Fletcher's INT late in the game last night,they couldn't get a first down to put the game away and gave Calgary another chance.The Calgary defence was putting pressure on Damon all night because they knew the Argos weren't going to run.just like the BC game. If the Argos had a decent offensive coordinater,they would be unstoppable

The ARGOS seem to win when it counts...........and 1 player or coach.....doesn't make a championship team...........

I agree with you, Corrigal. When the Argo offence was so pathetic last year, I was sure he was going to be fired in the off-season. But once they won the Grey Cup I knew he'd be back. The team didn't care how they got there, what their weaknesses were, and how they could improve on them; they just figured that with the same coaches and the same players they could do it again. And it doesn't work that way.

And if Sask wins the Grey Cup with him as head coach?

And the Argo offence isn't pathetic this year?