Kent Austin

Does Kent Austin have to much on his plate with all the responsabilities he has with the team.Maybe he should just focus on coaching,or hire another coach and look after the rest of the stuff.Something is definatly wrong with this team and it is not a lack of talent....

Where is this talent that you speak of?
1.An offensive line that can't protect the quarterback or open holes for a running game
2. A running back who can not establish a running game
3. A defensive line who does not pressure the quarter back or stop the run
4. A group of defensive backs who can not tackle, cover on deep routes or cover close enough on 10 yard passes. They catch then we tackle, maybe
5. Poor field position due to poor run backs
6. Short kick offs that are embarrassing for a professional teams
7. Undisciplined penalties.
Sorry, this team is in shambles.
Where is this recruiting guru Tillman that people speak of? :oops:

We actually lead the league in sacks, and we allow the fewest yards per game in the league...

they have all their sacks in about 3 games this year, no consisteny

We have more injuries than the Italian Army in WW2. There are 22 players on the injured lists with more to come, i.e. Zac. Michael Atkinson, our rotational Canadian Dlineman was hurt an hour before the game and couldn't be replaced. The coaching staff and players have no quit in them but to the football gods I say "Enough Already with the injuries!" We're still in the playoff hunt with the 2 colours loss to BC, so keep your chins up.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Was it too much for Ron Lancaster?

This isn't on Kent. He's the best thing to happen to this franchise since Bob young bought the team.

Stability, respected, great football mind. He can't account for this many injuries and unfortunately they're hitting at the worst time... again.

Going through tape of the game and note something interesting .... In the first half, Austin is shown seated, alone at the desk in the box, with our "Offensive Coordinator." and some other staff member, standing behind and off to the side appearing to be uninvolved and doing nothing. A similar shot, in the second half, shows Austin, in the same spot, with no one else visible in the box.

Simple explanation... Austin had some chili and beer at halftime.

Beer and chili or ego top up? The downside of a competitve personality?

"Going through the tape? You watched that a second time? I couldn't get through the game the first time

I think his ego tells him he is a better coach than he actually is. I can't think of many games this season where he out coached the opposition. This team is constant being out coached game in game out. I don't think I have see this team play a full 60 yet this as well.

His offense is offensive to watch. I find myself calling what play they will run it's that bad

I don't know about Austin's ego - but I think we are missing Condell.

Definitely missing something!

We are missing both O/C Condell and OLine Coach Allen Rudolph from last year.

I think the OLine has actually improved in the last few games. Still not a strength - which has been the case throughout Austin's tenure. For the life of me, I don't understand how a pass happy coach ignores the quality of the OLine.

Kent Austin is missing a lot of things. From day one there has been NO run game. Only a half wit
would thing the team will survive without a run game. No wonder Zac is getting banged up. Unfricken
believable. No OLine - The corners can’t cover - the list goes on and on. One issue I don’t buy, injuries
all the other teams play next man up and in most cases it’s seamless. Or is it a simply case of lack of talent
provided by Tilly.

I remember when we had "Good Hank/Bad Hank" that Austin would bring in another quarterback (I think it was Masoli) with his own package for a series or two, then go back to Hank. Really seemed to confuse the other teams defenders and won us games. If Collaros is struggling during the game, why not try it again. Masoli has become a good player with more reps. Look what he did at the end of last year. Not saying to bench Zack, but a sporadic change ,in game ,might be enough to get us over the hump.

It was LeFevour who was subbed in, but still not a terrible idea to bring Masoli in every once and a while to throw the defence off. Masoli may be the man down the stretch though depending on Collaros' injury.

His Stubborn One sided Tactics are going to get his ass fired eventually as head coach

They've actually done that a time or two in games this season - I just don't remember exactly which ones - and I'm not referring to Masoli doing short yardage.