I wanted to tell all the TICAT fans that you guys are very lucky to have KENT AUSTIN as your coach.

I have followed KENT from his days in the CFL as a QB and a coach to his days in OLE MISS and I can tell you that he is 1 smart cookie with a great offensive mind-

He has good control and is extremely confident- The way he yelled at GIGUERRE when he was slow to leave the field was a good example of AUSTINS mentality- He yelled- GIguerre get off the field"

Kent is amazing and I think it wont be long before HAMILTON is at the top of the CFL- the Defense is better than last season with PATRICK and Evan Mcolough as dbs and all that is needed is a few good pass rushers- Greg Peach doesnt cut it anymore as the rest of the league has younger more dynamic rushers-

One of the best signings for the Cats in a long time is KENT AUSTIN.

Thanks Mrs Austin,

We are pretty smitten with him too!

Has coach Austin already started on his playoff beard. :thup:

How can anyone not love this guy?
Austin is that rare combination of a cerebral coach with a non-nonsense type of approach and attitude.

Even Austin's dog is trained to pick up his own poop because Austin will not take sh#% from anyone.