Kent Austin

I'm a NCAA fan more than anything else but I think Kent Austin isnt doing good at Ole Miss.The offense he has installed sint working with Jevan Snead and he was a good QB out of high school and at the University of Texas.I dont know if any of yall follow NCAA football but if he doesnt turn this offense around in 2 years he could be out as offense cordinator.The team cant move the ball with the offense he has and I wonder if leaving the CFL was a good move.What do yall think?

Well, I don't follow Miss that closely, but looking at their records this decade, I can see from 2004-2007 they sucked! Then Kent Austin joined them in 2008, and they went 8-4, and beat Texas Tech in a bowl game to finish 9-5. And so far this season they're 3-2, with only one blowout loss, and in their first two games of the season they averaged 48.5 points.

Just another troll topic from our good friend, Sandy. :wink:

...i think you're 'joshin' with us Chief, bout not following ol Miss , with all of that info....i do agree about the 'little fella under the bridge' comment though... :slight_smile:

Well after watching the last game vs Alabama, it was ugly but I don't think the blame falls of Kent. It was a comedy of errors on both sides of the ball..well actually all 3 sides. Snead threw 4 picks IIRC..they moved the ball between the 20's but you have to give bama credit, their D is something to be desired. Also, it didn't help that McCluster got injured on the same play he fumbled a kick right after Ole Miss tightened up and held bama to a FG. Momentum was definitely not on their side. Also I didn't like the decision Ole Miss made to kick the FG instead of going for the td...especially against a team like Alabama, you don't get to the red zone that often so when you do, you should go for the major. They were down 16 so they should have gambled IMO.

Austin has done a lot for the Rebels..he should definitely stay..but if he were to somehow find his way back to Regina..well I wouldn't complain :wink:

bama is just way better lol

Watched the game myself always do the few that are televised. of course when kent left I wanted to follow as well to see where his career would send him
he has some kinda magic he rolled into town won our province a championship and road into the sunset so if his job were in jepordy in which I'm pretty sure its not I for one would welcome him back if he so desired
as for the game well tough loss at home but alabama put all facets of ole miss game to the test and took them down

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y'all don't know you'all are talking about!!!!!!!!!! :wink: