Kent Austin

Why does Kent Austin always look like he is going to cry during interviews. get the sympathy vote from all the octarian rider fans...

what does octarian mean?

I think he means octogenarian

Yeah, sorry but that really doesnt help me lol

I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic, ie., picking on his spelling or didn't know.
An octogenarian is anyone in their 80s.
I think he is trying to say all Rider fans are old...

Oh ok, thanks. Yeah I guess I should have said I wasnt being sarcastic. lol

What Fire Austin and Tillman hmmm heard that one before. What was that rider fans name? :lol: :lol: :lol:

He looks like he is about to cry because he can't believe they're winning. :smiley:

he'll probably get sympathy votes from the media and end up winning coach of the year, then tillman will go throughout the media and parade on how much of a genius he is, and how he only hires people who he worked with from the past, and how much he loves kenton keith and how he fixed the team from salary cap hell.

done with my

sounds like someone is a tad jealous...

sounds like someone is a tad "banned previously a couple times".....

nope, sounds like a man, who knows the riders will tease their fans in the first half, then implode in the second half of the season and will once again not host a home playoff game. Can you dig it?

What are you smoking and where can I get some?

to Reruntime:

I sense you are enjoying the Riders return to Greatness as much as we Rider fans are. Should you like some of our Rider Pride Green toilet paper I can arrange a special delivery.
Or, better yet, a Gopher the Gainer toothbrush!

Riders Rule
Primetime Drools!

drools? what are you grade 3? what kind of old @ss comeback is that?

comeback strong or dont come at all, y’all gotta get better material than that.

Anyways, just be happy with your small streak, it isnt even labour day yet and your acting like you’ve won the grey cup, just wait till everybody else gets healthy, and you guys will be in 4th place again, plus winnipeg will sweep the banjo bowl series.

Hey primetime how are you doing? You have to admit the riders habe done well so far thats hope they do not go into their slump near the end of the season.

I find it funny how so many other fans will try to bring Rider fans down. Its the first time in a very long time that we are in first place, let us enjoy the moment. Its tought to say wether or not we can stay there, but the team we have is very good. In the past, the Riders would fold and be unprepared for games like last night's--but that was not the case this time around. They battled to come back and win the game, something that they could not do in the past. All too often, they were unprepared for big games like this one. Its nice to see that the team can meet the expectations of fans, we can be confident in this team-- and that is a feeling that we haven't had in a long time around here, and it feels good. So instead of just being a mindless troll, primetime , at least acknowledge the fact that the Green and White are a good team. The standings so far, prove just how good a team it is!

The Riders are the most injured team in the CFL, just because they aren’t using it as an excuse to play poorly doesn’t mean they don’t have the same injury situation as everyone else.