Kent Austin would he had won the 1989 Super Bowl

Bommer E was 11 of 25 with 0 Touchdowns and 1 pick in the 1989 Super Bowl.My question is Kent Austin won the 1989 Grey Cup.Yall think Kent would've put up better numbers than bommer

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Oh no, not another hypothetical. That was over 30 years ago, get over it.


Interesting question. Its hard to say. My answer will be a combination of yes and no.

James Brooks at RB, Ickey Woods had a great rookie season at RB / FB. They had 2 great receivers in Eddie Brown, and Tim McGee. Not sure if Chris Collinsworth was still on that team as I know he was close to retirement by then. The offensive weapons were there for Cincinnati.

I'd say he would have put up better numbers than Boomer as most CFL Quarterbacks have to have a stronger arm due to the bigger field. This also comes with being able to be more athletic than just being a pocket passer.

You now have to factor playing with the smaller field, and the ball not being a yard apart for the defense. How about if he was also able to have Ray Elgaard, Don Narcisse, and Jeff Fairholm on his roster? That would be more interesting.

There is no way he beats the 49ers. In my opinion, that was the best all round team I ever seen assembled. Cap or no cap era. One of the most underrated RB's of all time in Roger Craig. 1st RB to get 1000 yards receiving and rushing in 1 season. A punishing FB and good hands out of the backfield in Tom Rathman, Jerry Rice, the best of all time, John Taylor, another good receiver, and great former Argo Terry Greer (Even though he hardly played during the season). He might have finished with about 300 yards at most I believe. Not to mention the 49ers defense was also really good. It would be difficult to throw against Ronnie Lott (Good hands and a punishing hitter), then you factor in Eric Wright, Jeff Fuller, and Tim McKyer all in the secondary. All those have been to quite a few Pro Bowls. Then you have to deal with Mr. Steroids Bill Romanowski at LB, and another great LB and Hall of Famer in Kennan Turner.

I'll guess Kent Austin's game stats will be this:

Attempts: 35
Completions: 18 - 22
Yards: 210
Rushing: 40
Interceptions: 3 - 4.
Touchdown Passes: 1 - 2.