Kent Austin - Why Is He Still Employed?

Completely agree with the post quoted below.

Austin as OC is the albatross around the neck of the Argos. He needs to be shown the door.

James.. last time you checked Austin was one of the better OC's? And just how did you "check" last time? I suspect you checked nothing actually.
Austin has been critized lots in the past and many are of the opinion that he's fortunate to have an offence with talented players to compensate for his shortcomings. Not to mention special teams have been their strong point , they've had good field positon most of times , to start drives .

The Argos have a had some very good players on offence , a very good group of receivers and an allstar QB , you ever heard of Damon Allen , James? Those guys made Austin look good. Considering the talented group they've had together for the last few years they've under achieved on offence. And that is the OC's fault , sorry to burst your bubble.

This forum stuff is fun !
Kent is not the greatest OC, but Management is to blame for the Argos poor D-line, and injuries, for the poor O-line, and finally, Management brought in Ricky, and this is (and will continue to be) the cause for everyother DT and LB in the League being absolutely keyed up to stop the run and put the game in Wynn's hands. I believe Damon could play "us" (GO ARGOS!!!) out of this situation, Wynn cannot.

I don't know where Kent Austin ranks with the other OC's in the league, but when you have the win/loss record of the Argos the past two years he must have something going for him.
Damon has acknowledged that Austin has made him a better QB even at this late stage in his career, and after he won the MVP award last year it would be hard to argue that.

ya, who was it that was OC when damon had his first mvp award and 5000 yard season in how many years? hes a good coordnater