Kent Austin to stay at Cornell

Despite apparent interest from multiple teams in his services, former CFL head coach and quarterback Kent Austin will reportedly remain in the NCAA as head coach at Cornell University.

It was believed that the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats both expressed interest in speaking to Austin about their head coaching vacancies.

The Regina Leader-Post reported that it has received an E-mail from Austin that confirms that he wishes to remain in the NCAA coaching ranks.

Austin is completing his second season at Cornell.

Austin led the Roughriders to a Grey Cup win in 2007 before leaving to take a job on the coaching staff at the University of Mississippi, his alma mater.

I'm kind of glad. It seemed like Sask kept falling back on past successes. The last coach didn't work out, so they brought back Miller. Then Miller stepped down, so they went after Kent Austin. Get some new blood in there. :thup:

So the team can return to its rightful place in the standings :lol:

Too bad…Oh well… Im thinking we will get D. Dickenson as head coach… having the 2 brothers coach could either a very good move… or disaster… depending on how well they work together…

I think you're close to being correct, except that I would change the "Dave" to "Craig" IMO.

....If the riders go with 'Craig'???does 'Dave' head off to the hammer???? I could see that scenario IF the cats don't go with Chamblin....Too many 'ifs'....specualting is fun though :wink:

....Austin has it too cozy down'd have to give him the moon to get that guy back to the CFL... say that and yet two of their legitimate choices right now, Hall and C.Dickenson, are both already drawing Rider paychecks...does anyone wearing green feel like 'man, it's been almost two months since miller let it be known he was finished and we're still not sure who's leading this team yet?'

Yes and no. I am fine with them taking the time they have, but I am not giving them much past xmas to get this thing done.

I hope they don't promote Hall. He isn't ready. If they promote him, he'll be fired halfway through the season, and Miller will be forced to come back. Again. :smiley: Don't know much about the other Dickenson.