Kent Austin to coach Saskatchewan

As reported in this mornings Metro News:

There will be a few good old boys heading out of town if Kent Austin takes over. He doesn't suffer fools lightly.

i wouldnt be surprised if kent austin becomes head coach in regina, because he played for them and led them to a grey cup. Also Austin might learn from his bad experience in Toronto and run a better spread offense and allow players to flow within the offense. Also I wouldnt be shocked to see pinball being a mayor candidate and rich stubler taking over as the argonauts' head coach.

That’s a Marty York article is it not?


Just made my decision on whether or not to read it.

Hey! You're stepping on McMahon's shoes.

I would bring Danny Barret to Hamilton he is a brilliant coach :slight_smile:

ya, and only takes seven years to prove that he can't coach... unlike marshall who only took two years and four games.

Both Tillman and Austin are from the "deep south".

This is as good as done.

Barrett as OC here in Hamilton in 2007 could work.