Kent Austin talking to U.S. schools about coaching jobs

"Kent Austin may be looking for another job.
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats vice-president of football operations told a Hamilton radio station on Monday that he has talked to U.S. schools about possible coaching positions.
“There has been some correspondence but nothing that I would say at this point would be very serious,? Austin said.
But the fact that Austin is pursuing other opportunities is interesting given that he currently has two more years remaining on the deal he signed in January 2016 to remain the team’s head coach, general manager and vice-president of football operations through the 2019 season.
A CFL source says the Ticats have given Austin permission to pursue other opportunities."


thanks for posting this

Saw this coming miles and miles away. Good for both parties.

“I miss coaching but I love what I do, I love the people that I work for. I love this organization and I’m committed to bringing a championship to the Tiger-Cats.? … and yet he is looking at coaching jobs elsewhere. I don’t expect him to be here very long despite the above comment from Kent.

I think that is a pretty accurate decoding...
Scott Mitchell?

Kent Austin is neither seeking coaching opportunities nor being encouraged to. When you’ve coached in 4 division finals & 3 Grey Cups in 6 years as a head coach, people come calling. As VP he’s made a number of great decisions, @CoachJuneJones is at the top of the list ! #ticats
6:00 PM - 4 Dec 2017

I think Kent has passed his best before date.
Giving him the keys to the Franchise, Head coach GM president was never a good thing.
He may be a good coach but none of the above for the other roles.

Talking to NCAA colleges does NOT automatically mean that he's looking for another coaching gig. It could simply be the colleges calling him, and Kent saying "No thanks".

Read between the lines. In the linked story, Austin is quoted as confirming that June's contract was negotiated by Scott Mitchell on the Ticat end, not Austin, with Austin observing it would be "awkward" for the former head coach to engage in contract talks with the new head coach. How is it any less "awkward" for the fired former head coach to continue as the boss of the new head coach? This wasn't Wally Buono or John Hufnagel in the off-season deciding the time was right to step back from coaching, this was the stench of Austin's 0-8 start being so hideous that it was untenable for the organization to allow him to continue coaching.

The solution they're all looking for is to allow Austin to save face by "moving on to an exciting coaching challenge in the NCAA" so the organization can move on from Austin without humiliating him any further (and without terminating him and remaining on the hook for his big salary).

Everything that comes out of Scott Mitchell's mouth is spin. That's been apparent for a long time.

This literally reminds me of a Donald Trump type tweet.

We all know he's not part of the Jones situation.

Anything less than ringing endorsement would be warped by Edwards as a sign that the entire organization has cooled on him.

Hunting around online to see what other questionable tweets, on this subject, might be out there, this brought me the best laugh of the day:

Here's almost 13 mins. of "spin."

I don't understand how the "Chief Executive Officer" goes public, like this, acting as the voice of "football operations" when nothing comes from the "VP Football Operations," other than lending his name and title to something someone else has written, and stating that he's been looking at other job opportunities, while absolutely nothing comes, as has been the case for many months, from the "General Manager." This is the CFL, not provincial or federal politics.

Austin gambled his future with the Ti-Cats organization when he signed Collaros to the grossly-inflated contract whereby he made Collaros the highest paid player in the league. At that level of commitment by the organization, it was expected (if not demanded) that Austin win a championship. If that didn't happen and the Austin/Collaros experiment flopped, then Austin, and perhaps Collaros, would pay the price.
And flop it did.... Austin took a talented, skilled young QB with, some would argue, Flutie-like potential and "de-coached" him into a confused, under-performing pocket-passer who seemed as if he wanted to be anywhere but playing for Austin.

Austin has always claimed that each and every decision he makes is in the best interests of the team and the organization. That being the case, here is the decision and action he now needs to take.....

Leave, go, take off, depart, vacate, au revoir, sayonara, adios, see ya........

The party's over and his days here are numbered but Austin is like your least-favourite uncle who won't take the hint and just leave.

There goes the 2018 season.

June Jones read this. Its what you get here.

Are you suggesting that the same thing is possible with a Jones/Manziel experiment?

Im not suggesting it. Im saying it. When fortunes turn you will be attacked whether it makes sense or not.

Prediction: if things go bad the accusation will be "Jones was saddled with a qb he didnt want by Austin"

Conspiracies have always had currency in these parts.