Kent Austin returns to coaching in the NCAA

Kent Austin returns to coaching ranks at Liberty University: report

Bruce Feldman

SOURCES: Kent Austin of the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats will become the new Co-OC/QB coach at #Liberty for Hugh Freeze.
6:16 AM - Dec 28, 2018

Good for Kent.

Austin has been with this team in name only this past year.
Good luck to him with his re-union with Freeze…who looks like a complete loser. But I am glad the deck has finally been cleared of Austin.

Also, with the departure of Glanville, the way is clear for Orlondo to re-work this team into a winner.

Bold prediction: Austin will not be replaced as a “consultant” for the Tiger-Cats.

Did KA have another year left on his contract with us? In other words, did he just forego the option to sit around and collect another year of pay for doing very little? If so, it shows he really misses the game. Or else he feels this opportunity is too good to pass up.

I’m not sure if Austin’s salary is now off the books or not, by taking another job


Steinauer will have to reduce his coaching staff to the 11 mandated by the league for 2019 from the current 12.
Mitchell said that even with the three highest-paid coaches Steinauer, Jones, Glanville – returning, the Tiger-Cats will be able to meet the new salary cap on coaching and football operations.
Kent Austin’s significant salary remains on the books for 2019 but will not count against the new cap, Mitchell said. He added that he expects the three-man top of the football ops pyramid – Eric Tillman, Shawn Burke and Drew Allemang, whose contracts expire this month – to return with the shared-responsibilities concept that was introduced at the start of last season.

Austin has a very strong work ethic, so sitting around likely drives him nuts. That’s why he took this opportunity I imagine.

All the best to him. He wasn’t a perfect coach… far from it, but he did take us to 2 straight cups, and we really had a chance in the second one. I will always appreciate that.

If things go poorly for Austin…

50 bucks says 3DownNation will run a story on it complete with stats and links to local media criticising him.

Better yet – Good for the TiCats! They can stop paying him or, at least, pay him a considerable amount less than the ridiculous contract they gave him calls for in its final (2019) season.

He’ll be at home on a .500 team

Agree, he took us to 2 grey cups. All the best to him.

Wish we were .500.

Gee , with Austin gone the big question now is who do we get to replace him as our Head consultant of sitting around and doing nothing ? ???

I have excellent qualifications for doing that! ;D

LOL . Well I tell ya what , if yer looking for a recommendation Grover i’ll gladly put a good word in for ya buddy. ;D

  1. LOL…bobo, I bet he wasn’t consulted once, after he was shown the door in Hamilton !! :-[ :-[ ::slight_smile:

Here’s hoping he will steer some talent our way . Good connections in NCAA, obviously, is huge.

Agreed, Austin and Tillman go way back

Careful bobo82…the pc crowd may want to shut you down for your screen shot there.

If things go well at Liberty I can see the Freeze Austin duo ending up in the SEC in a few years. It looks like Freeze is radioactive right now.

And if it doesn’t go well you can bet 3downnation will be reporting on it.

at least we’re not 0-8