Kent Austin out

Well it looks like KA is soon all the way out in Hamilton after being reassigned today as a consultant in Hamilton..

Quick and expensive changing of the guard.

So where to now goeth KA?

Montreal maybe? As a special adviser to Kavis. Or the couch maybe, until his guaranteed contract runs out.

Boy from such a solid looking staff two short years ago it's really taken an odd turn. Just a rapid fall from graces. No doubt a big back story here. From the outside looking in, KA looks to have dropped about 20 lbs and aged quickly.

I don't think we will see anyone given the full keys to the kingdom any time soon. Buono and Hufnagel are really the only guys who pulled that off for any length of time. Chris Jones is still just a two year neophyte being the king of the castle .

I don't see him in Montreal. Could surface in BC as a HC after 2018 perhaps once he recharges and sidles up to Hervey. They'd be one cranky duo there though.

This was expected. There was no way Austin was going to keep an important role in the organisation.

The Ticats have to pay him. It looks they are encouraging him to look for opportunities elsewhere, so they can save some money if he asks for his release, or is hired by another organisation.

Johnny predicts he will go back to USA college football. He is done in the CFL for now.

That's funny. They sure would be.